Muslim Americans Share Beautiful Photos Of Their Families To Showcase The Beauty Of Kinship

04/10/2015 04:13 pm ET | Updated Apr 10, 2015

HuffPost Religion's Muslim Life in America series would not be complete without celebrating a fundamental aspect of any life: family.

We asked readers on social media to share with us photos of their Muslim American families in order to showcase the beauty and love of their bonds, and the result is stunning. If you have a family photo you want to share, tweet it to us at @HuffPostRelig using the hashtag #MyMuslimFamily. We may feature it on the site!

  • Hadia Shaikh/Facebook
  • Aimee Ann/Facebook
  • Sadie Polttila/Facebook
  • Fatma Kalkan/Facebook
  • Fyza Durrani/Facebook
  • Sabina Mohammed/Facebook
  • Hira Iqbal/Facebook
  • Sadie Polttila/Facebook
  • @Lighthentrance/Twitter

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