04/13/2015 09:24 am ET | Updated Apr 14, 2015

How To Use Your Whisk The Right Way (Yes, There's A Wrong Way)

There's a lie that's told to bakers and home cooks everywhere about whisks -- about it being "all in the wrist" to get the right circular motion. Here's the thing: the circular motion might not be the best way to whisk your cream, vinaigrettes, and what have you. Turns out there is a better, easier way.

The fine people at America's Test Kitchen have set the record straight. They put a few different whisking motions to the test to find the most efficient way to make homemade whipped cream, to emulsify vinaigrettes and to beat egg whites. They tested moving the whisk back and forth, using it in a beating motion and stirring it in a circle. Watch the video above to find out which method works best.

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