04/17/2015 10:49 pm ET | Updated May 28, 2015

Issa Rae Is 'Tired' Of Constantly Being Asked About The Black Experience

Shonda Rhimes made news this week when she declared she was done discussing the idea of racial diversity on TV, and her fellow Essence magazine cover star Issa Rae understands how Rhimes feels, she said on "The HuffPost Show" on Friday.

[Rhimes is] absolutely right that this is normal, that's a normal part of American society, so it makes sense that diversity should be represented on television. But I do get tired of being asked to constantly speak about the black experience. If I'm writing an article, it's like, 'Hey, we love your writing, we just want you to talk about being black and why you're mad about it.' And that's frustrating. I'm like, what if I'm not mad today?

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