04/20/2015 03:50 pm ET

See Who Got Married This Weekend!

Take one look at our readers' wedding photos from this weekend and you'll notice a common thread -- absolute, unadulterated joy and love! Check out some of the wonderful shots below:

  • "Rachel has helped coordinate and plan hundreds of weddings through Tildy Designs. This weekend it was her time to get married to Bret in New Bern, North Carolina." - Hooman Bahrani
  • "Sayaka and Jake after their intimate wedding at a private farm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina." - Robin Lin
  • Courtesy of Ashley Deems
    "My wedding day." - Ashley Deems
  • Courtesy of Tonya Hatcher
    "Darien and Courtny Williams got married in Montgomery, Alabama." - Tonya Hatcher
  • Courtesy of Christie Fullerton
    "My best friend got married on Saturday." - Christie Fullerton
  • Courtesy of Mukesh Bahri
  • Courtesy of Stephanie Wheeler
    "I got married!" - Stephanie Wheeler
  • MinRae Photography
    "From a beautiful wedding this past weekend. The simplicity that brings out that classic love feel." - Minden Boschetti
  • Louis Shi
    "Steve and Annie's wedding photo in a Buddhist temple." - Annie Yeh
  • "Congrats to Clint and Lindsey who had their vow renewal at Country Club of the Crystal Coast in Pine Knoll Shores, North Carolina. This was their full wedding after having a brief courthouse wedding last fall." - Bob Mackowski
  • "Just shot a gorgeous wedding in Kenwood, California for Trycel and Michael this Saturday." - Lisa Robinson
  • Courtesy of Alan Katz
    "Helen and Anthony got married at the beautiful Coto de Caza Golf Club. Officiant Alan Katz designed a 'Dr. Who'-themed ceremony." - Alan Katz
  • EP Anderson Photography
    "Jonas Guentner sang his vows to Lauren Stear on Vieques Island, Puerto Rico on Sunday, April 19." - Sandy Malone of Weddings in Vieques
  • "Stolen moments at an Irish castle wedding. Here Jo and Rod enjoy a precious five minutes at Belle Isle Castle and Estate in Fermanagh, Ireland." - Ursula McCollam
  • "Taken in Louisville, Kentucky." - Shannon Meredith
  • Courtesy of Ashley Greeson
    "It was my brother's wedding!" - Ashley Greeson
  • Courtesy of Alex Howe
  • Joshua Grasso Photography
    "Alabama wedding." - Joshua Grasso
  • Courtesy of Jennifer Torres
    "This weekend I was a part of one of my best friend's weddings. Dr. Deanna and Mr. Kolin Donahue." - Jennifer Torres

If you go to a wedding or get married yourself, hashtag it #HPrealweddings or email it to us afterwards so we can feature it on the site!

For photos from other real weddings in 2015, check out the slideshow below:

Real Weddings of the Week

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