04/22/2015 08:35 am ET | Updated Apr 22, 2015

'The Lumbersexual's Guide to Decorating' Is Everything You Never Knew You Wanted

According to Urban Dictionary, a "lumbersexual" is a metrosexual "who has the need to hold on to some outdoor-based ruggedness, thus opting to keep a finely trimmed beard." Such "outdoor-based ruggedness" doesn't just extend to a lumbersexual's general appearance -- it can also apply to his home.

If you're unsure of just what that may look like, don't worry. ForRent.com created an infographic called "The Lumbersexual's Guide To Decorating" that will explain everything. For example, if your friend lives in the hipster mecca of Williamsburg and has a faux bear skin rug, chances are they're totally lumbersexual.

Read through the rest of the general home decor clues below to take notes, or just simply learn more:

The Lumbersexual's Guide to Decorating

H/T Bustle

  • Mustache Anything
    Beau Coup
    Because facial hair of any kind is pretty much a hipster staple, right?
  • And Mason Jar Everything
    As much as we love our mason jar DIYs, putting your pets inside of them just takes it to a whole "trendy" new level.
  • Dreamcatchers
    Bonus points if it's hanging somewhere ironically.
  • Chalkboard Paint
    mrgrahamhill / Flickr
    Great for planning out which vegan smoothies to make for the week and which skinny jeans to wear tomorrow.
  • Overdone Record Players
    Urban Outfitters
    How else would you listen to your Justin Timberlake and Mackelmore vinyl?
  • Birds And Other Critters
    The squirrels that watch you listening to "bands that don't exist yet" at the park don't count.
  • Or Just Owls On Owls
    Wicker Paradise / Flickr
    If hipster decor had an official mascot...
  • Eyeglasses
    superquality100 / eBay
    To forget readers of any kind, in any situation from decorating to dressing would simply be a crime.
  • Tapestries
    Extra credit if it's a tapestry with an owl motif on it.
  • Terrariums
    Urban Outfitters
    Standard house plants? Too mainstream. Fresh-cut flowers? Illogical. Tiny plants housed in tiny geometric containers? Just right.
  • Animal Hangers
    Urban Outfitters
    Nothing beats a cat wearing a Hawaiian... except maybe (maybe) a cat wearing a beanie.
  • Faux Taxidermy
    WallCharmers / Etsy
    Because real taxidermy would be cruel... and make sense.
  • Ironic Wall Stitchings
    aliciawatkins / Etsy
    "Home sweet home" is so 90s.
  • And Ironic Coffee Table Books
    Great for starting conversations with other hipster friends who bought the same book from the Urban Outfitters "library."