04/22/2015 03:41 pm ET | Updated Apr 22, 2015

Finally, Someone Wrote A Hardcore Rap Song About Documentarian Ken Burns

"Bringin’ history to life while we zoomin’ in on pictures/ B*tch check the zeitgeist, generation fixture!"

With lyrics like that, who could argue that American director and documentarian Ken Burns shouldn't have a rap song about him? After 30 years of making films, harnessing the power of zooming in on old photos and NOT being the subject of a hardcore rap video, Skootch Comedy has given Burns the tribute he so obviously needed.

One watch and you'll be adding Burns' classic docs to your Netflix queue and trying to get this line out of your head: "Mark Twain, Prohibition, Jazz, and the Civil War/ Walk in the club snap, zoom, panties hit the floor."



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