04/28/2015 12:22 pm ET | Updated Apr 28, 2015

Watch Conan and Andy Turn Themselves Into MyIdol Nightmares

There's no hair like Conan's in China.

If you've never heard of the Chinese app MyIdol, do yourself a favor and try it. The only catch is that it's all in Chinese -- though an English version is coming soon. If you can figure it out, though, the results are hilarious. You upload a photo of your face and then the app creates animations of you doing things, ranging from awesome to hilariously creepy.

On Monday night, Conan and Andy Richter decided to give the app a whirl, and while it didn't quite nail Conan's hair, you can't deny that it absolutely captured his spirit.

Warning: Do not look directly into the Conan MyIdol.

conan myidol

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