04/30/2015 11:04 pm ET | Updated May 01, 2015

Age Ain't Nothing But A Number...That Microsoft's How-Old Apparently Can't Get Right

The Internet is pulling double-duty as both an ego crusher and incredible time suck with the debut of Microsoft's age-guessing tool,

The age-guessing website lets users upload a photo and then feel incredibly flattered or terribly offended (or, just really, really confused) as it guesses at the age and gender.

To see how well How-Old could guess, we submitted pictures of some famous faces whose actual age wasn't exactly close to the age of the characters they were portraying. See if How-Old was fooled:

  • Pace and Joey of "Dawson's Creek"
    Joey Potter's beau suddenly looks a lot less age-appropriate.
  • Dawson Leery of "Dawson's Creek"
    We love you, James Van Der Beek -- but you're weren't fooling anyone.
  • Dionne Davenport of "Clueless"
    Twenty-seven? As if!
  • Andrea Zuckerman of "Beverly Hills: 90210"
  • Will Smith of "The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"
    Whose reaction sums this up better: Will's -- or Carlton's?
  • Kenneth Parcell of "30 Rock"
    ...but we all know NBC's best page is ageless.
  • Murray of "Clueless
    Not quite passing as a teen (to say nothing of the rando behind him).
  • Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous of "Perfect Strangers"
  • Regina George of "Mean Girls"
    That's Queen Bee, not teen bee.
  • Cheryl Strayed of "Wild"
    Ok, we can buy this...
  • Tracy Flick of "Election"
    ...until we realize that Reese Witherspoon does not age.
  • Betty Suarez of "Ugly Betty"
    Still cute at any age.

How-Old shows Microsoft is venturing into the domain of machine learning -- programs behind self-driving cars, speech recognition and search prediction -- the way companies like Google and Facebook have.

The tool has already become a huge viral hit , which may be an important boost for Microsoft in the middle of its Build conference this week.


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