Adorable Brand Sells Empowering Superhero Capes For Kids

05/04/2015 05:05 pm ET | Updated May 04, 2015

Designer mom Lane Huerta knows how to make kids feel like superheroes. The brains behind home goods brand and online store, lovelane designs, released an empowering children's wear collection called #PlayHard last spring.

#PlayHard is a line of handmade superhero capes, hats and wrist cuffs for girls and boys with big imaginations. From stars and stripes to tigers, unicorns and pirates, these whimsical designs help kids bring their make-believe adventures to life.



Huerta says her 3-year-old daughter Clementine inspired her new designs for kids. "We love dressing up, reading books and using our imagination as a family," she said. "When I was a child, my mother didn't allow much TV time. I was out building forts or crafting costumes from bed sheets and cardboard. When I had Clementine, I vowed we would do the same."

Seeing Clementine's love for "flying" especially influenced Huerta's colorful, airy cape designs. "My husband flies her around and we make up our own super heroes with funny and unique powers," she said.

"Kids have wild imaginations. It amazes me everyday how my daughter sees the world," the mom continued. "Our capes and hats simply help tell and elaborate on their story with a splash of color and pizazz."

Huerta hopes that her designs will inspire parents to "turn off the TV or hide the iPad for awhile" and let their children explore the depths of their imaginations and make up their own stories. "You never know, today's play session might be tomorrow's next great novel. What can we achieve if we allow ourselves to dream big?"

#PlayHard continues to expand, as Huerta adds new story lines to the collection. Scroll down and visit lovelane design's website, Etsy shop, and Facebook page for a look at the whimsical collection.

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