05/07/2015 07:31 am ET | Updated May 07, 2015

19 Obvious Signs You Grew Up With A Big Family

Having a big family is wondrous, it really is. But living in a house with one?! THAT gets tricky.

Even if you later move into a home that's not the size of a small hotel franchise, the effects of living with a big family never seem to wear off. Maybe living with a big family made you more eco-friendly. Maybe it made you more organized. Or maybe it made you just plain crazy. In any case, you know you've lived with a big family when...

1. You're highly skilled at licking, spitting in, or otherwise altering foods so that your siblings won't eat them.

2. You can figure out how to fit ANY amount of people into ANY car, no problem.

3. You've watched a five-gallon tub of ice cream disappear in 10 minutes.

4. You rarely bought clothes from a real store until college, because "shopping" always meant hand-me-downs.

5. You don't remember what it was like to talk on a home phone line because someone else was always using it.

6. You've peed your pants just a little bit from having to wait too long for the bathroom.

7. Every childhood meal was a casserole. Every. single. one.

8. You can't shake the habit of writing your name in Sharpie on the tag of every shirt you own. What if someone takes it?!

9. You trained for high school sports by sprinting to the car for the best seat.

10. Making school lunches in your kitchen looked waaay too similar to the assembly line at Subway.
sandwich assembly line

11. You've woken up extra early to shower so you can use the hot water before it runs out.

12. You remember that picking weekend chores was like the NFL draft... without the option to trade.

13. You've been locked out of the house before, because everyone thought everyone else had the keys.

14. In your family, "going out to lunch" means driving the van to Costco and eating all the free samples.

15. You can load the perfect dishwasher in 36 seconds flat.
full dishwasher

16. You're usually missing a shoe. And if not, then one of your siblings is missing a shoe. Nobody ever has both their shoes. WHERE ARE THE SHOES?!

17. Buying Christmas presents for everyone would've been a joke, so you're used to just doing Secret Santa instead -- and sometimes, one person gets forgotten.

18. You learned to ride a bike early, because there was no way your mom was driving you everywhere.

19. You've pretty much NEVER been alone. But at the end of the day, isn't that the best part?

  • 1 Get creative with wall space.
    Steven Randazzo/Domino
    For a quick DIY project that will save you major floor space, mount a vertical shoe rack against your bedroom wall. Not only will this free up square footage in your closet, it will keep shoes organized and easy to find. And if you want to keep your shoe addiction under wraps, install a decorative curtain to easily close off your collection.
  • 2 Clear off your countertops.
    Are your kitchen countertops the place where bills, receipts, and errant sticky notes go to die? Get yourself organized with this DIY kitchen command center. Take a small corner of your kitchen and transform it into family headquarters! Mount a calendar, mail slots, dry erase board, and jars filled with pens and pencils. Your countertops will be clutter-free in no time. Head over to Ciburbanity for more details on how to make this project come to life.
  • 3 Go corner-crazy.
    Faye Zimmerman
    Turn your home's corners into dynamic decor and valuable storage space with gorgeous corner shelves. Fill them up with books or decorate them with knick-knacks. Either way, you'll be opening up previously unusable wall space.
  • 4 Embrace every nook and cranny.
    Super NoVa Wife
    If your living room is on the small-ish side, don't fill it up with a clunky coffee table. Instead, take advantage of the sliver of space behind your couch. You can build a thin table yourself, or hack your way to a behind-the-sofa surface using wall-mounted shelves.
  • 5 When in doubt, think vertical.
    The Merrythought
    Save valuable floor space by turning your nightstand into a hanging side table. This project from The Merrythought requires some pretty impressive woodworking, but the results are well worth the effort!
  • 6 Open the door to valuable storage space.
    Org Junkie
    If your bathroom cabinets are overflowing with toiletries and make-up, this is the fix for you. With just a few over-the-door shelves, you can turn your doors into prime organizing space. And you don't have to stop with just a bathroom makeover; any bare door can become extra storage for clothes, school supplies, or jewelry. Check out this project on Org Junkie to see how you can customize your door storage.
  • 7 Double up on functionality.
    Paul Costello/Domino
    If you're limited on bedroom space, why not let your desk also serve as your nightstand? You'll be able to ditch those dinky side tables and set up a stylish, functional work space.