05/11/2015 07:00 am ET | Updated Sep 07, 2015

This Cheesy Crock-Pot Breakfast Casserole Is A 2-Step Morning Miracle


(Photo Credit: Iowa Girl Eats)

Why make a singular egg when you can make a mountain of slow-cooked eggs infused with cheese, sausage and all things delicious?

This slow cooker breakfast is incredibly easy, and it includes ingredients that are likely already in your fridge. It's equally perfect for all occasions. On a weekday, set the timer before you go to bed and let it cook overnight for a no-prep breakfast. And on a weekend, turn it on when you wake up for a yummy slow-cooked brunch.

The recipe only involves two steps:
1. Layer all of the best breakfast ingredients into a slow cooker.
2. Turn the slow cooker on, and wait.

Where has this been all our lives?

(Photo Credit: Iowa Girl Eats)