05/11/2015 05:28 pm ET | Updated May 11, 2016

California Lawmakers Get A Raise

Ken Lund/Flickr

SACRAMENTO, Calif., May 11 (Reuters) - Elected officials in California will get 3 percent raises under a package approved Monday by the state's Citizens Compensation Commission, after it cut their salaries during the recession.

The commission voted unanimously for the increase at a meeting in Sacramento, citing the state's economic recovery.

The raises will affect members of the legislature and all statewide elected officials, including Democratic Governor Jerry Brown.

Starting in December, Brown will make about $183,000, up from $177,467 this year. Members of the state's Assembly and Senate, who do not vote on their own salaries, will earn about $100,000, up from about $97,000. (Reporting by Sharon Bernstein; Editing by Eric Walsh)


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