05/11/2015 01:56 pm ET | Updated May 11, 2015

Guy Pretends To Work At Whole Foods, And It's Very Whole Foods-y

"Harvested by 100 percent grass-fed Malaysian children."

We all know there are stereotypes about shopping at Whole Foods. However true, they exist. With that in mind, Elite Daily sent actor and comedian Tyler Fischer to a Whole Foods to pretend to work there.

Were you looking for fruit harvested by free range children, or maybe olive oil produced exclusively by lesbian couples in northern Maine? Well, then Tyler Fischer's got the Whole Food's product you are looking for!

NOTE: HuffPost Comedy does not endorse Whole Foods one way or another. Shop there. Don't shop there. We don't care. We'll be fine right here with our soylent green, which we've been told is very nutritious and cost efficient. Follow Huffington Post's board LOL onPinterest.


  • 1 "Let's saw this board."
  • 2 "Let's drive this tree home."
  • 3 "Let's get this party started!"
  • 4 "Let's get rid of this snow with fire."
  • 5 "Let's install this air conditioner."
  • 6 "Let's get these lights replaced."
  • 7 "Let's take a look underneath that car."
  • 8 "Let's move this refrigerator."
  • 9 "Let me text you what I was calling you about while driving."
  • 10 "Let's get you a lawyer."
  • 11 "Let's get creative with your exhaust system."
    Several readers have pointed out that this may in fact be an air intake, rather than an exhaust pipe. Either way, seems like a lousy place to put a periscope.
  • 12 "Let's just use duct tape."
  • 13 "Let's get my wife a gift that won't make her mad at all."
  • 14 "Let's hit the road!"
  • 15 "Let's get this door patched up."
  • 16 "Let's get some liquor and guns, but without leaving our vehicle."
  • 17 "Let's get that truck of yours moved."
  • 18 "On second thought ... leeeeeet's not."