05/12/2015 12:49 pm ET | Updated May 13, 2015

We Are All These 15 Types Of Awesomely Atrocious Car Radio Singers

Second best to singing in the shower is, arguably, singing in the car. Especially when you’re alone. You can just really go for it, ya know?

YouTube musician and comedian, Chad Neidt, recreates the variety characters we can all become while belting out a tune on the road.

Among them are the Harmonizer (when you’re feeling your best "Dreamgirls" moment), the Chorus-Only Singer (who actually knows what Ariana Grande is saying beyond “break free”?) and the Interpretive Dancer (“Boom! *Clap!* The sound of my heart!”).

Just be wary of turning on a song that could potentially make you The Eye-Closer. That’s never good.

Check out the video above. Which type of car radio singer are you? Probably all of them.

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