05/13/2015 11:20 pm ET | Updated May 13, 2015

Women Have A Brilliant Response To City's Sexist Training On How To Deal With Women


According to a March training session for Austin, Texas, city employees -- on the topic of female leaders -- women "don’t want to deal with numbers,” "act on emotions” and "ask lots of questions.”

After video of that training surfaced this week, women certainly did have a lot of questions. In particular, why on Earth did city manager Marc Ott think that employees needed a two-hour workshop on how to deal with people who are not men?

Ott had set up the training after Austin achieved a majority-female city council for the first time. On Wednesday, he apologized -- but not before plenty of those question-firing women took to Twitter, using the hashtag #WhatWomenAsk, to point out how offensive and backward-thinking the workshop was.

Austin removed the video from its government website on Wednesday evening, but NPR affiliate KUT Austin had archived the footage and posted it to YouTube.


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