05/14/2015 01:06 am ET | Updated May 14, 2015

High Schooler Skydives From 10,000 Feet To Ask His Girlfriend To Prom

This high schooler wanted so desperately for his sweetheart to go with him to prom, he jumped out of an airplane for her.

In this YouTube video, entitled “Best Promposal Ever,” watch as Eddie Staten, a student at Pomfret School in Pomfret, Connecticut skydives from 10,000 feet with the help of an instructor. He jumped out of the plane holding a sign with the words: “Talia. Prom?”

Staten told NBC Connecticut that he wanted to ask his girlfriend of two years, Talia Gulino, to be his date for the big event “in a way that was special, something that she would always remember.”


So, what was Gulino’s final answer?

“Talia loved the video and said yes!” Staten told NBC.


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