05/18/2015 02:17 pm ET | Updated May 18, 2015

Jaden Smith Goes To Prom As A Superhero

Jaden Smith, most interesting teen alive, went to prom dressed as a superhero this weekend. During pre-prom photos, he posed in an all-white outfit featuring a cape. As the night went on, his look progressed.


A photo posted by Mecca “Crystal Mec” Kalani 🌞 (@meccandcheese) on

Look! Fake armor!

The Comeback...(Albino jacked the headgear)

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Aha, a mask!

what a night 🌟💫✨

A photo posted by Mecca “Crystal Mec” Kalani 🌞 (@meccandcheese) on

Jaden Smith enthusiasts will remember that he also wore a Batman costume to the Kimye wedding last year, so this year's prom was pretty on #brand.


Jaden Smith's Style Evolution