05/18/2015 04:31 am ET | Updated May 18, 2015

Professional Dunker Debuts A New Type Of Slam Dunk, Leaving Everyone Speechless

There are slam dunks. Then, there are works of art like this.

Jordan Kilganon, a 6-foot-1 professional dunker, is blowing the Internet’s mind this week with an outrageous, I-seriously-can’t-believe-he-just-did-that dunk, dubbed the “Lost and Found.”

In the video above, watch as the Canadian dunker debuts the killer move, performing a behind-the-back self-alley oop while spinning 360 degrees in the air before finishing with a slam dunk.

Somehow, Kilganon manages to complete the whole move using just one hand.

“This is the best slam dunk you’ve ever seen,” said.

Be careful of your jaws, guys. They're bound to hit the floor.


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