05/19/2015 07:26 pm ET | Updated May 19, 2015

Bakery Goofs By Making 'My Little Tony' Cake For Birthday Party

An Italian bakery has egg on its face after confusing a request for a "My Little Pony" cake for one featuring an obscure crooner named "Little Tony."

When the employees of a pastry shop in Gangi, Sicily, were asked to make a birthday cake for a 9-year-old girl's birthday party, they mistakenly heard "My Little Tony," instead of "My Little Pony," the Telegraph reports.

Consequently, the girl's cake featured a bouffant-haired singer in a white jacket, not a bright pink pony with a blue mane.

The singer on the cake, "Little Tony" Ciacci, was an Elvis-style Italian singer popular in Great Britain and Italy in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Since the girl had never heard of "Little Tony," officials for Codacons, Italy's consumer association, said the girl and her family would be within their rights to sue the bakery for a lot of dough, according to the Telegraph.