05/20/2015 11:15 am ET | Updated May 20, 2015

Here Is Every Grooming Tool You Need To Shave Like Don Draper

"Mad Men" might be over, but that doesn't mean Don Draper's well-kept look has to be gone, too. The ad executive's slicked-back hair and smooth face became as popular as the show itself, and were perhaps responsible for more than a few men hitting their local barber shops in search of a more clean-shaven look.

Though the real-life Jon Hamm had to be shaved 2-3 times a day to stay smooth on the show, his character was only seen grooming a few times. Now, thanks to the eagle-eyes of West Coast Shaving, you can see how Draper achieved his look using the tools from that era.

Shaving and Grooming Like Don Draper #infographic