05/21/2015 12:10 am ET | Updated May 21, 2015

Celebrities React To David Letterman's Departure From Late Night

People love this guy.

The stars came out in droves on social media to congratulate legendary comedian David Letterman on an amazing career as he retires from late night after 33 years. He's kind of a big deal. People know him. From movie stars and comedians to athletes and presidents, you don't accumulate this many famous friends and admirers for no reason.

David Letterman's last show is Wednesday night. I'm writing this now because I know I'll lose it after watching him talk...

My last HA HA with Dave tonight. #ThanksDave

In honor of #HorizonsGivingDay and the wonderful David Letterman.. Top 10 Reasons Why Your Day will be Better if You...

#thanksDave <3

Thank you, Dave. ❤️

To my hero, David Letterman: You will be greatly missed in late night. Thanks for being so kind & generous to me over...

Tonight is the end of an era. #ThanksDave Late Show with David Letterman

Our wonderful city won't quite be the same without David Letterman. #ThanksDave

Making Letterman laugh meant so much to me. Thanks Dave and everyone at The Late Show with David Letterman for having me...

it was a lit-er-al dream to be on your show Late Show with David Letterman. farewell!!

Watching David Letterman as a teenager in Indiana changed my entire outlook on life. #thanksdavehttp://www.whosay.com/l/VHzaAlY

Celebs At David Letterman's Last Show