05/22/2015 10:41 am ET | Updated May 22, 2015

'This Week In Unnecessary Censorship' Shows Taylor Swift In A New Light

Wait, that's what happens on "The Bachelorette"?

On Thursday, "Jimmy Kimmel Live" looked back at the previous week of television and tried to make it more inappropriate than it was originally. Why? Because [bleep] the FCC, that's why.

Who knew newscasters, reporters and Taylor Swift had such filthy mouths!

"Jimmy Kimmel Live" airs weeknights at 11:35PM EST on ABC.

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  • 10
    HuffPost Comedy
    You have never seen this face before, in this or any other life.
  • 9
    HuffPost Comedy
    You hear nothing!
  • 8
    HuffPost Comedy
    You said the same thing about the last five photos. Love means nothing to you!
  • 7
    HuffPost Comedy
    But the pages in your date book are all blank!
  • 6
    HuffPost Comedy
    Yeah, swamped with lies!
  • 5
    HuffPost Comedy
    Funny how your phone dies just when you want it to and not at an inopportune time, like it does for EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO HAS EVER LIVED.
  • 4
    HuffPost Comedy
    You never had any intention of doing that thing. Your only intention was LYING.
  • 3
    HuffPost Comedy
    Oh, you mean contact me once a year when Facebook tells you it's my birthday??
  • 2
    HuffPost Comedy
    You haven't left your house yet. You may not have even left your bed.
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    HuffPost Comedy
    We believe you. Oh wait, shoot, it's Honesty Day?