Arlington Cemetery Gravestones Honor America's Fallen Soldiers Of Every (And No) Faith

05/24/2015 08:51 pm ET

On Memorial Day we honor the men and women who have died in service for their country. At Arlington National Cemetery, these fallen soldiers lie side by in a remarkable display of religious diversity within the U.S. armed forces.

Baha'is lay beside Jews; Muslims beside Christians; Hindus beside Wiccans. The cemetery offers over 60 religious symbols with which to engrave headstones -- some of which may be familiar and others rarely viewed in public spaces.

Here is a sampling of some of the religious and non-religious headstones at Arlington National Cemetery:

  • Wicca
    John Hamer/Flickr
  • Islam and Baha'i
    John Hamer/Flickr
  • Judaism
    Mh arduino/Wikipedia
  • Lutheran Church and Episcopal Church
    John Hamer/Flickr
  • Buddhism and Soka Gakkai
    John Hamer/Flickr
  • United Church of Religious Science and Atheism
    John Hamer/Flickr
  • Christianity
  • United Church of Christ and Church of Christ, Scientist
    John Hamer/Flickr
  • Unitarian Universalism and Non-adherence
    John Hamer/Flickr

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