05/26/2015 05:32 pm ET | Updated May 27, 2015

This Anagram-Packed Love Story Is The Ultimate Ode To Scrabble

Her name is Agostina. His, Santiago. She lives in Tokyo. Him, in Kyoto. She's a cab driver. He's a crab diver. If ever there was a love story written in the stars -- with Scrabble letters, of course -- this would be it.

Of course, their story is an enchanting ode to the classic Mattel game, created by agency Lola Madrid and directed by Rodrigo Saavedra.

The whimsical short follows the two complete strangers throughout their Instagram-filtered yet romantically unfulfilling daily lives, their every verbalized detail an anagram of their future partner's equivalent. (She fears being "forever alone," he feels as dull as "a veneer floor.") Eventually, the two Scrabble-crossed lovers meet up at a costume party, and the romantic equivalent of a triple word score ensues.

Word nerds: this is your "Fifty Shades." Experience all the magic of the written word above, and, while you're at it, start brainstorming potential anagram variations of your name to fall in love with in the future.



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