05/28/2015 09:49 am ET | Updated May 29, 2015

5 Ultra-Cool, Heat-Free Summer Hairstyles

Put away the blow-dryer and the curling iron. You don't need them to create these five utterly chic, easy-to-do looks.

By Megan Deem

  • Textured Ponytail
    Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic/Getty Images
    Start by misting wet hair with a sea salt spray (try Bumble and bumble Surf Spray, $27). "Scrunch it in and let hair air-dry," says Marcus Francis, Suave Professionals celebrity stylist, who created the look on Hailee Steinfeld here. "Then part it on the side and pull hair back into a low ponytail using your fingers, not a brush." Pinch and pull hair at the crown to add some height and to create an undone effect that matches the ponytail.
  • Topknot
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    Prep damp hair with mousse (try Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Volumizing Souffle Mousse, $5), distributing it evenly with a comb or paddle brush, Francis says. Allow to air-dry. Use your fingers to rake hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic. Then twist and wrap hair into a bun, fixing in place with hairpins, not bobby pins. "Hairpins are more forgiving, if you decide you want to readjust your style," Francis notes. "Bobby pins lock in, and it's difficult to take them out without destroying the hairdo."
  • Rod Set
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    To make sure your Solange style holds, apply mousse to towel-dried hair (we like Herbal Essences Set Me Up Mousse, $4), followed by anti-frizz cream (try Redken Outshine 01-Anti Frizz Polishing Milk, $19) from mid-shaft to ends. Then get out the twist-flex rods. "Take sections of hair comparable to the size of the rods you're using," says Lacy Redway, Head & Shoulders celebrity stylist. "For example, 1-inch pieces if your rods are 1 inch in diameter." Wrap hair around the rod in a spiral, put a bit of gel on the ends (try L'Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Lock It Extreme Style Gel, $5), then bend the rod into place. Do this all over your hair and then go to sleep, so that hair can dry overnight. "Otherwise, keep your rods in as long as possible to make sure hair gets really dry," Redway says. Take them out, run your fingers through your hair and mist a little shine spray to finish (she suggests Oribe Shine Light Reflecting Spray, $39).
  • Braid
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    "A braid is a great way to elevate your look quickly," says John Frieda international creative consultant Harry Josh. "And it's easy because you don't need product -- the idea is to work off already textured hair, whether it's one day dirty or you're going from the beach to cocktails at sunset and you don't have time to shower." Where you place the braid is up to you: "A center part with a low braid can be chic for a nighttime event," Josh says. "The higher the braid is, the sexier it is, and the stronger the look." Want this style and just washed your hair? Add dry shampoo (such as Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Shampoo, $25) on the areas that need a little more hold and oomph.
  • Roll and Twist Updo
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    No need to wait for hair to dry for this one, Redway says: "It's a great style to run out of the gym with because you still look like you made an effort." Divide your hair down the middle, then twist each piece back and off your face all the way to the nape of your neck, securing with bobby pins as you go. Once the two pieces meet, anchor with an elastic, then roll and tuck the ponytail under, pinning in place.