06/01/2015 10:28 am ET | Updated Jun 01, 2015

Oklahoma DJ Steps On Snake, Dances It Off


An Oklahoma DJ broke into an emergency dance last week when -- surprise! -- he accidentally stepped on a snake.

Tim Malone was walking in the parking lot of the roller skating rink OK Skateland in Chickasha, where he has worked for 20 years, when he encountered the slithering reptile, KOCO reports.

Malone said he was staring down at his smartphone and felt something strange at his feet.

"Adrenaline took over," he said. "I realized it was a snake and I started kicking. Get it off."

Surveillance footage shows Malone flail and contort his body, but he was unable to avoid a small bite from the 4-foot-long bull snake. Luckily, bull snake bites are non-venomous.

Surprise reptile encounters have recently increased in Oklahoma and Texas, where flooding has caused snakes and alligators to relocate in search of dry land.

The snake was captured and released nearby.

snake snake

This snake has changed its mind, will roller skate another day.


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