06/08/2015 07:39 am ET | Updated Jun 08, 2015

Monday's Morning Email: Meet The Obamacare Enrollees Who Might Lose Their Healthcare

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MEET THE OBAMACARE ENROLLEES WHO MIGHT LOSE THEIR HEALTH CARE "The Supreme Court will issue a ruling this month on a lawsuit engineered by conservative activists alleging that a brief phrase in the law -- 'exchange established by the state' -- means subsidies can only be provided to individuals residing in states that set up their own health insurance exchanges. Should the justices side with Obamacare's critics, Hines would be one of an estimated 6.4 million people in 34 states whose subsidies will disappear. Many will be forced to drop their health insurance because of heightened cost." [Jeffrey Young and Sam Stein, HuffPost]

SOUTH KOREA CLOSES 2,000 SCHOOLS OVER MERS OUTBREAK Six people have died and 87 are infected with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). [Reuters]

PRESIDENT ERDOGAN EMBARRASSED IN TURKEY'S PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's party failed to secure its majority in Parliament, essentially putting Erdogan's constitution-changing agenda on the back burner. [AP]


TWO ESCAPED PRISONERS 'COULD BE ANYWHERE' "The plot was more 'Shawshank Redemption' than 'CSI': two hardened inmates using power tools, handmade decoys and their hands to chisel and crawl their way out of a maximum-security prison in a subterranean escape. But the pursuit of the fugitives from Clinton Correctional Facility may be even more old-fashioned, in large part because of the manner in which the two criminals emerged: onto a camera-less street corner and into a world in which some of the best tracking targets available -- cellphones, cars and credit cards -- may not apply." [NYT]

FORGET SPOTIFY AND TIDAL Apple is expected to launch its own streaming music service today. [USA Today]

TRAIL TO THE CHIEF: RAND VS. THE WORLD Rand's had a rough week in the eyes of his GOP competition. [Howard Fineman and Jason Linkins, HuffPost]


FIFA MAY STRIP RUSSIA AND QATAR OF WORLD CUPS If evidence of bribery in the bidding process is found. [HuffPost]

'FUN HOME' TAKES TONY AWARDS BY STORM Here's a list of all the winners, as well as a recap of what everyone wore, because of course. [HuffPost]

HOW LONG A MARRIAGE LASTS AROUND THE GLOBE Pro tip: don't get married in Doha, Qatar. [Hopes and Fears]

MELISSA MCCARTHY'S 'SPY' CONQUERS THE WEEKEND BOX OFFICE Proving that yes, this is finally the summer of female comedy. [Vulture]

THE RISK OF HOSPITAL-ONSET DELIRIUM "[B. Paul] Turpin’s experience illustrates the consequences of delirium, a sudden disruption of consciousness and cognition marked by vivid hallucinations, delusions, and an inability to focus, that affects 7 million hospitalized Americans annually. The disorder can occur at any age -- it has been seen in preschoolers -- but disproportionately affects people older than 65 and is often misdiagnosed as dementia." [The Atlantic]

PALACE RELEASES THE FIRST PHOTOS OF PRINCESS CHARLOTTE With Prince George thrown in for ultimate cuteness overload. [HuffPost]

YOUR PLANE TICKET PRICE JUST WENT UP Four carriers have tacked on extra fees for booking through third party sites. [HuffPost]


BRITAIN'S LARGEST GROCER IS GIVING AWAY UNUSED FOOD "Britain's largest supermarket chain is enacting a plan for a handful of its stores to give away unsold food to nonprofit organizations, Reuters reported. In 10 of its U.K. stores, Tesco will be giving away food it otherwise would dispose of to women's refuge centers and children breakfast clubs." [HuffPost]


YOU'RE TURNING INTO YOUR MOTHER It's inevitable. [HuffPost]


~ Last night's "Game of Thrones" was pretty darn traumatizing.

~ Where "Gilmore Girls" cast members believe their characters would be now.

~ Royal portraits in Sweden feature quite the hats.

~ Next year's flu shot is getting an upgrade.

~ The New York Times looks into the evolving mission of Seal Team 6.

~ The Red Sox fan injured by pieces of a flying bat Friday is in serious condition, but expected to survive.

~ Conjoined twins were successfully separated for the first time in Haiti.

~ You can always use a Taylor Swift break-up mash-up.

~ Neil deGrasse Tyson just had to go and crush your hoverboard dreams.

~ All the Women's World Cup game times you need to put on your calendar.

~ Visualizing the staggering number of people killed in World War Two.

~ Forget LeBron: it was all Matthew Dellavedova in the Cavs win last night.

~ That time Hillary Clinton bought everybody shovels.

~ You can time your travels on Google Maps by car, train and dragon.

~ Clearing your browser history can land you in jail.

~ Would yesteryear's Saints be today's mental hospital patients?

~ And in memoriam: Robin Thicke's career.

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