06/10/2015 04:06 pm ET | Updated Jun 10, 2015

This Is What Happens When Kids Discover Makeup

No matter how hard moms try to hide their makeup bags, kids seem to have a knack for getting finding them and wreaking havoc on their faces.

We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community to share photos of the first time their kids discovered makeup.

From big, colorful clown lips to Alice Cooper-worthy eyeliner, the kids' .... er, creativity does not disappoint.

  • 1
    Ashleigh Singleton
    "She said she wanted to have a beard like Daddy"
  • 2
    Amy De Los Santos
    "She honestly thought she did a good job. Lol!!!!!"
  • 3
    Lizanne Janse Van Vuuren
    "'Mummy I want to be beautiful like you.' ...and I never wear make up!"
  • 4
    Pamella Gomes
    "Rookie mistake. I thought he was being quiet BC he was behaving... Never again."
  • 5
    Emily Daly
    "Trying for that Alice Cooper look."
  • 6
    Rosa Rita'Espiritu
    "He wears it better then mummy ! Lol"
  • 7
    Kelly Palmgren
    "Wonderful kids lipgloss that stained everything!"
  • 8
    Margarita Sanchez
    "Gotta love lip gloss! She now has an obsession with ChapStick and EOS ball!"
  • 9
    Becky Bowman
    "My son and black nail polishes. If Kiss is looking for a new front man, here you go!"
  • 10
    Jamie Martin
    "'Kid-safe' makeup that took a week to fade away. Enough said..."
  • 11
    Karri Shel
    "Brother wanted makeup too!"
  • 12
    Katie Foote
    "Big bro was pretty pleased with himself."
  • 13
    Laura Dehnert
    "She felt guilty right away, sweet girl."
  • 14
    Melissa Douglas
    "I don't wear makeup. I believe this was marker!"
  • 15
    Nicki Ware
    "I don't even own black eyeshadow. Lol"
  • 16
    Jill Tiller
    "This was me! My mom came in and said 'Put your hands up!' Then she ran to get the camera, and I was still there, with my hands in the air."
  • 17
    Beth Ogden
    "I'm not sure if I'm amused or afraid for my life."
  • 18
    Amanda Jencks Brockman
    "Hahaha. Halloween lipstick."
  • 19
    Rachel Lovingier O'Brien
    "Makeup and marker!"
  • 20
    Angie Meadows
    "I posted the before picture earlier when Ethan decided to paint his face with my eyeshadow... This was AFTER trying to scrub him down in the shower. I figured he would rock the Brave Heart look until it faded away... Luckily baby wipes work miracles"
  • 21
    Amanda Buford
    "'This is soooo my color!' said 5 year old, Amarie!"


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