06/19/2015 01:11 pm ET | Updated Jun 19, 2015

The Strapless Bra Hack Your Summer Dresses Will Thank You For

Bras are great. Bras are beautiful. But unless your outfit lends itself well to showing off a gorgeous bra, concealing your straps is necessary.

Strapless or thin-strapped dresses are easy, go-to outfits in the summer. But with wearing a great dress comes great responsibility -- of the not-constantly-adjusting-yourself variety.

Well rejoice, tube top lovers! WhoWhatWear heard your fidgety prayers and answered them with a five-step, easy-to-follow infographic. If you can get your hands on a strapless bra that comes with removable straps, you can hack it into staying up all day so you can worry about the more important things -- like planning your next trip to the beach.

strapless bra


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