06/22/2015 02:02 pm ET | Updated Jan 19, 2016

The Daily Struggles Only People Who Overthink Everything Will Understand

What day is it? Am I forgetting something I have to do? Should I dress casual? What if I run into an ex and they think I've given up on life?

If you're a classic over-thinker, then you will totally identify with this video from BuzzFeed. The daily struggles of the over-thinker are part of a very private battle that goes largely unknown to the outside world.

It's time for the world to know your struggle.


  • 1 "Let's saw this board."
  • 2 "Let's drive this tree home."
  • 3 "Let's get this party started!"
  • 4 "Let's get rid of this snow with fire."
  • 5 "Let's install this air conditioner."
  • 6 "Let's get these lights replaced."
  • 7 "Let's take a look underneath that car."
  • 8 "Let's move this refrigerator."
  • 9 "Let me text you what I was calling you about while driving."
  • 10 "Let's get you a lawyer."
  • 11 "Let's get creative with your exhaust system."
    Several readers have pointed out that this may in fact be an air intake, rather than an exhaust pipe. Either way, seems like a lousy place to put a periscope.
  • 12 "Let's just use duct tape."
  • 13 "Let's get my wife a gift that won't make her mad at all."
  • 14 "Let's hit the road!"
  • 15 "Let's get this door patched up."
  • 16 "Let's get some liquor and guns, but without leaving our vehicle."
  • 17 "Let's get that truck of yours moved."
  • 18 "On second thought ... leeeeeet's not."