06/25/2015 02:54 pm ET

Here Are The 'Ted 2' Jokes That Might've Gone Too Far, According To Mark Wahlberg


Given his track record, Mark Wahlberg has seemed more afraid of doing sequels than his "Ted" character ever was of thunder, but that's not the case with "Ted 2."

When The Huffington Post asked Wahlberg if he could "feel the vibrations" for his new movie, he said, "Oh, absolutely! And I feel the heat! I feel it all." His co-star Amanda Seyfried was equally enthusiastic, saying she "had a blast filming" and would even be down for "Ted 3" if it happens.

Despite all the love, not every moment during filming was a thunder buddy for life. The racy humor in "Ted 2" completely blows the original away, so Huffington Post asked the actors which jokes were their personal thunder buddies, and which pushed things a little far.

(Warning! "Ted 2" spoilers!)

  • 1 Getting a wall of sperm dumped on you.
    Mark Wahlberg: Horrible! Absolutely horrible! When I read it, I was like, "Oh my God, that’s hilarious." I flipped to the next page, and I said, "Wait a second." I went back, and I realized, "Oh my God! That’s gonna happen to me."
    Amanda Seyfried: Really funny! Thunder buddy.
  • 2 Ending up on "black cocks" with every Internet search.
    George Marks via Getty Images
    MW: Pushing the envelope.
    AS: [laughs] Thunder buddy.
  • 3 Shouting 9/11 as a suggestion at an improv show.
    MW: Pushing the envelope.
    AS: I didn’t know about that. They shot that after. I guess I'll say going too far to be politically correct.
  • 4 Smoking out of a penis-shaped bong.
    MW: I did not use a bong penis. That's pushing the envelope. I refuse, but we got Seth to do it.
    AS: Thunder buddy.
  • 5 Trying to steal Tom Brady's sperm.
    MW: Thunder buddies for life. Tom and I are buddies, so I called him myself to ask him if he would do it, and it was one of those things where he could just not stop laughing.
    AS: Oh, thunder buddy.
  • 6 Getting pissed that Jonah Hill is announced as Superman.
    Jerod Harris via Getty Images
    MW: Pushing the envelope. He'd make a great Superman.
    AS: Thunder buddy.
  • 7 Saying Amanda Seyfried has Gollum eyes.
    MW: Thunder buddies for life.
    Thunder buddy.
  • 8 Calling Steven Tyler a soccer-mom-looking "Goonies" monster.
    Imeh Akpanudosen via Getty Images
    MW: Pushing the envelope.
    AS: Thunder buddy.

"Ted 2" hits theaters June 26. No thunder allowed.

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