06/30/2015 09:47 am ET | Updated Jun 30, 2015

21 Things That Are Complete Smartasses

Smartasses. They're everywhere. Usually where you'd rather they weren't. Because they know you don't want them there. Which is why they're smartasses.

Still, you can't deny the fun that general smartassery brings into our daily lives. If you can allow yourself to laugh a bit, you'll usually see that the smartasses of the world are providing a very worthwhile service to all of us: Entertainment at the expense of (hopefully) someone else.

As if we didn't have enough human smartasses, here are a bunch of everyday things being smartasses too. And do you know why? Because they can be.


  • 1
  • But you said...
  • 3
    This student failed the hypothetical portion of the quiz.
  • 4
    Oh, you men.
  • 5
    Quick! Search the area for traces of snark!
  • ... And a thief with a sense of irony.
  • 7
    But what is it doing with the nickels?
  • 8
    He's not wrong.
  • Beyonce would be proud.
  • Well, someone paying attention in history.
  • 12
  • If hand dryer instructions were honest...
  • 14
    ... And hand washing signs, too.
  • 15
    Imagine how much longer this took compared to throwing it in the trash.
  • Sorry, we're distracted by the fact that his happened enough to warrant a sign.
  • Public bathrooms: where smartasses can roam free.
  • 18
    Consider this his resignation letter as well.
  • 20
    **Car screeches to a halt**
  • 21
    Smartasses can be fancy, too.
  • We're guessing this person is a "Downton Abbey" fan.
  • 23
    Captain Obvious has struck again.
  • She has a point.
  • Either way, it's a win-win.
  • What are you gonna do now, huh?
  • 27
    Breaking the rules, one stencil at a time.
  • 28
    Caroline didn't realize she was starting an auction, but she did.
  • And the world's biggest smartass award goes to...