08/15/2007 11:59 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Michelle Obama is Sick of the "Black Enough" Question: Too Bad We're Not Sick of Asking it

Michelle Obama, wife of presidential candidate Barack Obama, lashed out this week at critics wondering whether her husband is "black enough," telling a group of supporters in Chicago:

"Stop that nonsense... We're messing with our children's heads."

The race question has plagued Obama (whose mother is white and father is Kenyan), since his campaign began. But it's not the only litmus test being applied to a presidential candidate: the conservative blogosphere is starting to ask if Giuliani is one of them.

Because if he's not one of them, he might be one of them.


Is Rudy Giuliani White Enough?

Every Republican presidential candidate must win over the so-called conservative base. They are overwhelming white and Christian. They love 9/11 and hate the Clintons. They are easily swayed by racial politics. And to quote Dennis Hopper in "True Romance," they are keenly aware that Rudy Giuliani is "part eggplant." Rudy Giuliani white enough? Here are the findings:

Surname is over 50% vowel, including the last letter
Surname starts with sneaky spelling of Jew, cf. "Giu" York City
Brown eyes, tans easily

At least one of his kids hates him enough not to vote for him
First marriage was to a relative
Thin lips
First name: Rudy
Wife is a bitch

At this point, Rudy registers as white, by a hair. And if Judith starts being polite to staffers, he's right back on the bubble.