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July 12, 2014

Clinton 2016 Coverage Is A Wild Ride On The Signal-To-Noise Rollercoaster

The 2016 contest has long been on like Donkey Kong. The only question is, is it going to be covered sensibly or not? There are some examples of sensible coverage. Why, just this week I had the pleasure of reading Patrick Caldwell's story describing how Clinton might interact with the various super PACs that ally themselves with her presidential ambitions. That's the sort of coverage one should likely file under "useful." Unfortunately, you can't have a signal-to-noise ratio without the noise. And since Clinton looms the largest over the 2016 landscape right now, coverage of her proto-campaign is full of it: "Why hasn't Clinton performed this banal task? What is Clinton going to do about this thing about which she can do nothing? When will Clinton wander onto this rug, so that it can be pulled out from under her?"

GOP Budget Vote Fuels Charges Of Hypocrisy


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Cheney Pushes Same War Junk As '02

Dick Cheney
Win McNamee via Getty Images

Big Win For Gay Rights

Utah Gay Marriage



Report: Bosh Staying With Heat

On The Ground In Bombed-Out Gaza

Sophia Jones

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3 Of World's Richest Men Chastise House GOP On Immigration


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Undocumented Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist Trapped At The Border

Jose Vargas

Nixon's Secret White House Tapes Released

Richard Nixon Gay Views
Getty Images via Getty Images

Newly-Discovered Smallpox Vials More Dangerous Than Thought

Murphy /Whitfield /CDC via Getty Images

Republicans Protect America From Energy-Efficient Light Bulbs And Toilets

serezniy via Getty Images

Luke Russert Is Having A Bad Day

Luke Russert

Dem Gov. Goes Against White House On Child Deportations

Martin O Malley

New Twist In German Spy Scandal

John Kerry
MLADEN ANTONOV via Getty Images

The Biggest Lie Of The Past 30 Years

Money via Getty Images

It Took This Former Congressman Years Behind Bars To See The Need For Drug War Reform

Duke Cunningham

Apple Patent Hints The 'iPhone 6' Will Be Made Of Indestructible Glass

Iphone Patent 4
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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Texas Massacre Suspect Collapses In Court

Ronald Lee Haskell

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More Romney 2016 Rumors Emerge

Mitt Romney
TIMOTHY A. CLARY via Getty Images

Strong Earthquake Hits Off Shore Of Japan


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Bill O'Reilly Trashes Sarah Palin's Impeachment Idea

Bill Oreilly

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Darrell Issa Going Crazy Issuing Subpoenas

Darrell Issa Subpoenas
NICHOLAS KAMM via Getty Images

Shooting May Reveal Loopholes In Domestic Violence Gun Laws

Ronald Lee Haskell

UN: Israeli Attacks May Violate International Law


International Pressure Builds On Israel To End Offensive... NETANYAHU: It Won't Stop Us

Judge Upholds Marijuana Warrant For Woman Who Shopped At Garden Store

Marijuana Growing
David McNew via Getty Images

REPORT: Indian Girl Raped On Orders Of Village Council

India Woman Sari

Homeless Woman Killed When Driver Parks Car On Top Of Her

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

The Deficit Looks Less And Less Frightening

Us Capitol Building
Huyangshu via Getty Images

Meanwhile: Obsession With Deficit Obscures The Real Problem

Huge Teachers' Union Set To Vote On Boycott Of Staples

Staples Store
Scott Olson via Getty Images

Child Fighters Sucked Into Iraq's War


Commanders: Benghazi Rescue Hampered By Lack Of Information

Carter Ham
AFP via Getty Images

Hill Staffers Are Anonymously Making These Edits On Wikipedia

Horse Head Mask
themacx via Getty Images

The Scientific Research Community Is Still Freaking Out About Sequestration

Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Dem Senate Candidate To Return Cash Linked To Ex-Con

Michelle Nunn

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'Harry Potter' Actor Dead After Hiking In Death Valley

Dave Legeno
Alan Howard

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Controversial Ad
Feed A Child

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Just TRY Not To Laugh At This Map Of Dirty-Sounding Places

Vaguely Rude Places Of The World
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Argentine Player Tore His Anus Making This Block

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7 Pictures For Women Who Don't Care What Anyone Thinks Of Them

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Ridofranz via Getty Images

Obama Cuts In Line, Pays It Forward

Obama Franklin

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Kitten Swims To Shore After Being Tossed From Bridge

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Every State In The USA, Ranked By Its Food and Drink

Deep Dish Pizza
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Americans Feel Sexiest At This Age

Confident Senior
Andreas Kuehn via Getty Images

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Man Facing Foot Amputation Has Best Attitude Ever

Amputee With Great Attitude
Imgur User Yelak

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Just How Much Of A Pro Traveler Are You?

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WATCH: Can You Spot The BIG Problem With This 'Inspiring' Image?

Stella Young3

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Can You Believe This Is Body Paint?

Body Paint
Gesine Marwedel

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The Shirt That Got This 4-Year-Old Kicked Out Of A Restaurant

Kicked Out Of Restaurant

These Adorable Animals Don't Give A $#@& About Your Yoga

Pets Interrupting Yoga
Danielle Cuccio

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8 Science-Backed Reasons Why Dads Deserve More Credit

Dads Credit
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This Is The Bentley Of Face Tattoos

Face Tat
Broward County Sheriff

Pamela Anderson Wrote A Poem About Her Divorce

Pamela Anderson
Valerie Macon via Getty Images

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