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May 31, 2016

The Elites and the Rise of Donald Trump

The rise of Trump has provoked a considerable outpouring of commentary from the pundits. Most of it centered on the chief complaint that the white working class is upset about losing its privileged position and see Trump as the ticket to setting things right. There is considerable truth to this story. Trump's strongest support comes from white men without college degrees, although he also does quite well among small business owners. But before we condemn these workers as hopeless Neanderthals, it is worth stepping back a bit to consider what led them to support Donald Trump's candidacy in the first place. There is no excuse for supporting a racist, sexist, xenophobic buffoon like Donald Trump. But we should be clear; the workers who turn to him do have real grievances.

Donald Trump Defends Secrecy Around Veteran Donations

Horizontal Candidate
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

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'Human Catastrophe' Unfolds As Iraqi Army And ISIS Clash Outside Fallujah

Athena Image
Alaa Al-Marjani / Reuters

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Catholic Church Spent Millions To Block Child Sex Abuse Law

Carlo Allegri / Reuters

Great Barrier Reef Suffers Worst-Ever Bleaching Event

Coral Reef Australia
WILLIAM WEST via Getty Images

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'Shady Accounting' Behind Trump's Wealth Claims

Donald Trump
Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Mediterranean Waters Claim At Least 880 Refugee Lives In One Week

Migrants Mediterranean
GABRIEL BOUYS via Getty Images

Chait: Most Anti-POW Candidate In History Embraced By Pro-POW Rally

Politics Social Horizontal Politics Election

Clinton's Attacks On Trump Smack Of The Romney Treatment

Athena Image
Aaron Bernstein / Reuters

Mitch McConnell Says Donald Trump Would Respect Limits On Power

Athena Image

Paris Will Open Its First Refugee Camp 'Within Weeks'

Athena Image
Gonzalo Fuentes / Reuters

Smilin' Ted Looks To Ease Bad Blood With GOP Elite

Athena Image
Joe Raedle via Getty Images

3 Top 'Never Trump' Presidential Recruits Say No To The Movement

Athena Image
Andrew Caballero-Reynolds/AFP via Getty Images

Obama Ridiculed In British Pro-Brexit Campaign Ad

Athena Image
Anthony Devlin/PA Wire

Eric Holder: Edward Snowden Performed A 'Public Service'

Holder Snowden
AP/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival

North Korean State Newspaper Backs Donald Trump For President

Athena Image
Reuters Staff / Reuters

Judge To Consider Punishment For Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Athena Image
Laura Segall / Reuters

Stephen Hawking: Trump Appeals To 'Lowest Common Denominator'

Handout . / Reuters

Hillary Clinton Won't Say Whether She Backs Death Penalty For Dylann Roof

Athena Image

Facebook, Twitter And Others Agree To New EU Hate Speech Rules

Athena Image
Regis Duvignau / Reuters

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Trump And Clinton Are Wildly Unpopular. Can This Guy Fill The Void?

Athena Image

Biden Dedicates National Guard Building To Son, 1 Year After His Death

Athena Image

California Gov. Jerry Brown Endorses Hillary Clinton

Athena Image
Vivien Killilea/Getty Images

New York Magazine: Did Hillary's Campaign Have To Be This Hard?

Athena Image
Adrees Latif / Reuters

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Mexican Soccer Star Fought Off Kidnappers In Daring Escape

Greece 2016 May Olympiacos Athens Olympic Stadium Aek Athens Greek Cup Final Football Match Didac Vella Rosello Alan Pulido
Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Former Miss Turkey Sentenced To 14 Months For Insulting President Erdogan

Athena Image
Reuters Photographer / Reuters

GOP Claims Hacker Put Racist Obama Meme On Chair's Facebook Page

Linda Sorenson
Delta County Republican Central Committee

A Russia-NATO Showdown Is No Longer Just Fiction

Nato Flag
Ints Kalnins / Reuters

How California's Charter Schools Are Failing The Test

Athena Image
Chris Ryan via Getty Images

A FiveThirtyEight Guide To Veepstakes Speculation

Athena Image
Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

Why Are Europeans So Fed Up?

Athena Image
Robert Pratta / Reuters

Golden State Warriors Splash Their Way To NBA Finals

Sport Basketball Nba Oakland Feedrouted_northameri
Noah Graham via Getty Images

University Of Akron President Resigns After Financial Controversies

Scott Scarborough
University of Akron

REPORT: 1.2 Million Displaced Afghans 'On Brink Of Survival'

Athena Image

In Areas With Zika, WHO Says To Follow Safer Sex Practices For 8 Weeks

Daniel Becerril / Reuters

How To Turn Trump Fans? Show Them A Greek Tragedy.

Trump Oedipus

Boy Disappears After Being Left In Bear-Infested Woods As Punishment

Athena Image
KYODO Kyodo / Reuters

Inuit, Environmental Groups Overcome Distrust To Work Together In Arctic

Athena Image
NASA NASA / Reuters

Ohio Zoo Defends Decision To Shoot Gorilla To Save Boy

Athena Image
William Philpott / Reuters

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Nauru Legalizes Homosexuality, Criminalizes Marital Rape And Slavery

Athena Image
PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier via Getty Images

REPORT: North Korea Missile Launch Attempt Fails

Athena Image
Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Japan On Military Alert...


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The Harsh Reality Of Being A 'Cougar' After Divorce (As Told By One)

Robert Daly via Getty Images

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Lick Your Cat With This Giant Silicone Tongue

PDX Pet Design

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Baby Elephant's Rescue From A Drain Will Make Your Day A Lot Better

Itn News
ITN News

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Thailand's Infamous Tiger Temple Raided And Big Cats Seized

Athena Image
Chaiwat Subprasom / Reuters

Dick Van Dyke Opens Up About Initial Concerns With Casting Mary Tyler Moore

Athena Image
CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images

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A Quick (And Slightly Frightening) History Lesson On The Vibrator

Super Deluxe

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Behold The Carnage Of England's Annual Cheese Roll Chase

Annual Cheese Rolling Race Cheese Cheese Rolling Cheese Rolling Race Coopers Hill Fun Gloucester Gloucestershire Hill Mountain Outdoors Race Sports
Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Here's What Harry Potter Looks Like 19 Years Older

Athena Image
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Facebook

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What The Star Of The 'Roots' Reboot Wants Every Young Black Man To Know

Athena Image
Larry Busacca via Getty Images

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Ex-MySpace, Tumblr Users Should Change Their Passwords Now

Myspace Logo

Bernie Sanders Drops In On Warriors-Thunder Game

Sport Basketball Nba Oakland Feedrouted_northamerica
Ezra Shaw via Getty Images

A Cavs Fan Said He'd Eat His Shirt If The Warriors Won, So He Did


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Christian Pulisic -- The Making Of U.S. Soccer's Next Great Hope

Npstrans Toppic
USA Today Sports / Reuters

Nick Jonas Gay Sex Experience Amounts To A TV Scene

Athena Image
Steve Granitz via Getty Images

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11 Tweets That Will Make Perfect Sense To Over-Thinkers


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Science And Technology Combine In Underwater Search For WWII MIAs

Tbm1c Avenger Palau Islands Mias Project Recover B
Eric Terrill, Scripps Institution of Oceanography/Mark Moline, Univ. of Delaware

Photographer Documents The Hidden Worlds Of Yemeni Women In The UK

Lesley Sutton

Keri Russell And Matthew Rhys Welcome Baby, Reports Say

Keri Russell Matthew Rhys
Taylor Hill via Getty Images

Meet The Woman Who Launched A New Field Of Scientific Study

Engineering Stem Women In Stem Frances Arnold Caltech Millennium Prize Evolution Directed Evolution

How To Make Green Eggs And Ham In Your Blender

Athena Image
James Cave for The Huffington Post

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Alligator Gets Caught Behind The Wheel Of An SUV


How Instagram Is Helping Shine The Light On Diversity In Fashion

Runway For All
Instagram / @caxmee / Simon A. Huemæn

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5 Cleaning Mistakes You Shouldn't Be Making Anymore

Athena Image
Image Source via Getty Images

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Why Your Doctor Should Be Talking To You About Sleep

Athena Image
Mike Harrington via Getty Images

Investigation Underway After Alligators Found Eating Human Body In Canal

Davie Police Alligator
CBS 4 Miami

My Year-Long Quest To Uncover The Identity Of 'Ugly Naked Guy'

Ugly Naked Guy Identity Friends Jon Haugen Mystery

Watch A Guy Pay His Speeding Ticket With 22,000 Pennies


8 Habits Of Incredibly Interesting People

Dos Equis Interesting Man
Boston Globe via Getty Images

3 Steps For Looking Fabulous After 50

Mature Female Friends
JPM via Getty Images

Before You Get Botox, Cameron Diaz Wants You To Know One Important Thing

Cameron Diaz Aging Botox