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March 3, 2015

Netanyahu's Takeover Bid

The Israeli election falls exactly two weeks after Netanyahu's visit to Washington. How then can we avoid interpreting his speech to Congress as an attempt to merge the interests of the Republican Party and Benjamin Netanyahu? The Republican Party carries a banner that reads "United States" and Netanyahu carries a banner that reads "Israel." His acceptance of the invitation is thus several things at once. It is an attempt to disrupt a process of international negotiations in which the US and Europe have been deeply involved. It is an exercise of brazen electioneering to promote his continued leadership of Israel itself. And it is a calculated insult to the sovereignty of the United States.

REPORT: Hillary Clinton Only Used Private E-Mail As Secretary Of State

Hillary Clinton
AP Jim Watson

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DHS Funding Kicked Back To Boehner

Reid Boehner
SAUL LOEB via Getty Images

Execution Of Georgia's Only Woman On Death Row Delayed

Kelly Gissendaner
AP/Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Bita Honarvar

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Police Chief: Homeless Man Fatally Shot By LAPD Reached For Cop's Gun


Housing Restrictions For Sex Offenders Unconstitutional, California Court Rules

Rental Application
eccolo74 via Getty Images

'Help Me': Man Posts Plea For Help On Facebook After Alleged Kidnapping


Students Find Teacher Hanging Inside Classroom

Jillian Jacobson

New Delhi Rapist Blames Victim For Attack

Mukesh Singh
Hindustan Times via Getty Images

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How Republicans Could Cut Food Stamps This Year

Tom Price
Bill Clark via Getty Images

New Audio, Video Cast Doubt On Bill O'Reilly's Reporting Claims

Bill Oreilly
NBC NewsWire via Getty Images

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Feds' Surveillance Tech Can Disrupt Cellphone Service

No Cellphone Service
Tim Robberts via Getty Images

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Susan Rice Delivers Tough Love About Iranian Nuclear Negotiations


GOP Congressman To Repay Taxpayer Funds Used For Flight To Football Game

Aaron Schock
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Prosecutors Seek Death Penalty Against Chapel Hill Shooting Suspect

AP/Durham County Sheriff's Office

Diplomacy With Iran Is A Tough Sell

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Iran To U.S.: Lift The Sanctions!

Apple Pay: A New Frontier For Scammers

Apple Pay
Invision for MasterCard

Bill Clinton's Portrait Includes A Nod To Monica Lewinsky

Bill Clinton Portrait
The Washington Post via Getty Images

Forbes 500 List Reveals A Disturbing Truth About Our Economy

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Lawsuit Claims Cop Forced Woman To Have Sex With Him To Avoid Arrest

Jerame Reid

Bill Kristol Called For Samantha Power Boycott. She Received A Standing Ovation Instead

Samantha Power

Mommy Blogger Found Guilty Of Poisoning Son

Lacey Spears

John Oliver Goes On Epic Rant About America's Broken Infrastructure

John Oliver

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STUDY: Climate Change Helped Fuel The Syrian Conflict

Syrian Conflict
izustun via Getty Images

Lenovo Under Investigation For Major Security Issue

Lenovo Superfish Investigated
Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Twisted, Tortured Path Obamacare Took Back To The Supreme Court

Supreme Court Building
Mark Wilson via Getty Images

Scientists May Have Found The Smallest Life Form On Earth

Size Limit Life
Berkeley Lab

New Boko Haram Video Appears To Show 2 Captives Beheaded

Boko Haram

Google To Offer Its Own Cellular Service

Google Cellular Plan

City Of Cleveland Blames Tamir Rice For His Own Death, Then Apologizes

Tamir Rice Death Probe

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Obama: U.S.-Israeli Relations Remain Strong

Barack Obama

Visit Brings Uninvited Problems For Jewish Dems... Polarizes Americans...

What I Learned From Having And Fighting Ebola

Craig Spencer
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

Nasdaq Hits Biggest High In 15 Years

Nasdaq 5000
Bryan Thomas via Getty Images

Anti-Pollution Documentary Goes Viral In China

Pollution Child Face Mask
From "Under the Dome" by Chai Jing

Hollywood's Diversity Problem Starts At The Top

Sony Films Logo

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What Warren Buffett Really Thinks About Elizabeth Warren

Warren Vs Warren

Why The Clinton Foundation's Promising CEO Suddenly Quit

Eric Braverman
Jemal Countess via Getty Images


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The Problem With 'Last Man On Earth' No One Is Talking About

Last Man On Earth

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How Women Can Rise Above The 'Bitch' Label At Work

Mad Woman At Work
Jose Luis Pelaez Inc via Getty Images

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11 Waffle Toppings To Brighten Your Breakfast

Elena Elisseeva via Getty Images

'House Of Cards' Townhouse (Kind Of) Hits The Market

House Of Cards

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SERIOUSLY?!?: Man Gets Tattoo Of #TheDress On His Leg

The Dress

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Good Luck Getting Carly Rae Jepsen's New Song Out Of Your Head

Carly Rae Jepsen
Greg Allen/Invision/AP

7 Ways To Make Your Treadmill Workout Less Boring

Treadmill Workout
Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post

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The 'Hot Convict' Is Going To Be A Model After Prison

Jeremy Meeks

$4.8 Million In Gold Bars Stolen In Elaborate Armored Truck Heist

Gold Bars
Bloomberg via Getty Images

Tinder Plus Just Launched, But You'll Have To Pay More If You're Over 30

Tinder Plus

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5 Dinners That Practically Cook Themselves

Easy Weeknight Dinners
Signe Birck

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WATCH: Kelly Clarkson And Jimmy Fallon Sing All Your Favorite Duets


WATCH: Teen Asks Miley Cyrus To Prom With Twerk-Tastic Video

Promposal Miley Cyrus

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DEA: If Utah Passes Medical Weed, Rabbits Will Get Stoned

Here's A Preroll Ad That You'll Want To Watch Till The End

Geico Ad

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John O'Hurley On Life, Love And His Favorite 'Seinfeld' Episode

John Ohurley
Paul Kolnik

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The Eiffel Tower Just Became A Little More Green


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6 Things Martha Stewart Says You Should Do Everyday

Inti St Clair via Getty Images

Most Doctors Manipulate Vaccine Schedules When Pressured By Parents

Doctors Delay Vaccines
Dmitry Naumov via Getty Images

A Reminder You Might Need If You Feel Stuck

Peter Glass via Getty Images

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Your Brushing Technique Needs A Makeover

Brushing Teeth
Getty Images/Tetra images RF

Richard Sherman: Bring The SuperSonics Back To Seattle

Sherman Youtube

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These Teens Aren't Just Sisters -- They're Twins

WorldWide Features/Barcroft/Landov

Mass Grave Found Under Parisian Supermarket

Inrap Skeletons
Denis Gliksman/Inrap

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Kobe Takes Blame For Miscarriage Wife Suffered During 2003 Rape Allegations

Kobe Doc

Long-Lost Fortress Of Ruthless Conqueror Discovered

Genghis Khan
Wiki Commons

Strangers Gather To Help Grieving Mother Say Goodbye To Her Son

Marc Chambers

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Students Devise Way To Feed Homeless 5-Star Meals, Cut Food Waste

Drexel Food Lab Student One
Drexel Food Lab

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What It Will Look Like If The Dowager Countess Leaves 'Downton'

Lady Mary

Here's When 'Orange Is The New Black' Returns


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Jared Leto Doesn't Look Like This Anymore

Jared Leto
Jon Kopaloff via Getty Images

People Walked Miles On A Frozen Lake To See These Jaw-Dropping Ice Caves

Sunburst Ice Caves
Ernie Vater