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February 9, 2016

Generation Sanders

My pragmatist friends make a number of arguments in their effort to dismiss the Sanders phenomenon.First, Sanders is too left-wing to get nominated, much less elected. In principle he is, but this isn't a normal year. There is mass economic frustration in the land; it is finally, belatedly, the main issue in a presidential campaign; and, it is up for grabs politically and ideologically. We can blame foreigners and government, or we can blame a badly tilted economic system. If a Republican populist is nominated, a Democratic populist might well do better than a Democratic moderate in energizing the electorate and winning over working class voters who might otherwise support a figure like Donald Trump. The polls show Sanders doing better than Clinton against the main Republican contenders. My pragmatist friends dismiss these on the grounds that the voters haven't really focused on Sanders' views yet, and the Republicans haven't yet opened up the heavy artillery.

It's Primary Day In New Hampshire, And The Early Results Are In

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6 Things You Need To Know This Morning

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The Campaign Of Magical Thinking

HuffPost Highline

Is The New Hampshire Primary Dead?


Trains Crash Head-On In Southern Germany, Killing At Least 8

Trains Collide In Germany

About 150 People Injured, Including 50 Seriously

Nikkei Posts Biggest Drop In 3 Years

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Democrats Are Fuming About Hillary Clinton's 'Smear' Line

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'We Just Had To Get Rid Of The Evil Spirit'

Ted Cruz

Former Texas Prosecutor Disbarred For Sending Innocent Man To Death Row

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DenisLarkin via Getty Images

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Obamacare Helped Millions Of Uninsured. It May Not Help Many More.

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Pete Marovich/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Couple Allegedly Allowed 9-Year-Old To Drive Because They Were Too Drunk

Reuterspolk County Sheriffs Departmenthandout Via
REUTERS/Polk County Sheriff's Department/Handout via Reuters

Chlorine Trains Reportedly Pose An Even Deadlier Threat Than Oil Trains

KAREN BLEIER via Getty Images

Hawaii Island Declares Dengue Fever State Of Emergency

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What Flint Is Doing Right Amid The Water Crisis

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Brittany Greeson/The Washington Post via Getty Images

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UN: Mass Deaths In Syrian Jails Amount To Crime Of 'Extermination'

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Donald Trump Basically Called Ted Cruz A 'P***y'

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JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Johnny Manziel Ruptured His Ex's Eardrum In Fight, Lawyer Says

Firstenergy Stadium_4dr2767

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Chris Christie: Bill Clinton Beat Bernie Sanders 'Like a Rug'

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Saudis Try To Sell Washington On Controversial Obama-Backed War In Yemen

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FAYEZ NURELDINE via Getty Images

Widow Of ISIS Leader Charged In Kayla Mueller's Death

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Court: Cops Recording You For 10 Weeks Doesn't Violate The Constitution

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Judge Denies Request To Keep Syrian Refugees Out Of Texas... Again

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Hong Kong Starts Chinese New Year With Violent Police Clashes

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Climate Change Keeps Coming Up At GOP Campaign Stops -- And People Are Clapping

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Jacquelyn Martin/Associated Press

You Could Go To Prison For Performing Oral Or Anal Sex In Michigan

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Erika Kyte via Getty Images

How Morocco Is Harnessing Solar Power To Achieve Energy Independence

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FADEL SENNA via Getty Images

HUFFPOLLSTER: Signs Of Trouble For Donald Trump

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JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Gay N.H. Voter Confronts Rubio: 'You Want To Say We Don't Matter'

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JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Spy-Turned-Congressman Hints At Role In Cyber War With Russia

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Microcephaly Experts: Brazil's Cases Are Unusually Devastating

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Mario Tama/Getty Images

An Illustrated Guide To The Zika Outbreak

NYC Policeman Who Shot Unarmed Black Man Breaks Down On Stand

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New Hampshire Residents Get 'Voter Shamed' By New Mailers

Reports Question Legitimacy Of Mexican First Lady’s Annulment

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Feds Try To Combat Teen Heroin Use, But Can't Stop Talking About Weed


Obama’s Not Messing Around With Zika Virus. Here’s His $1.8 Billion Plan.

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Jeb Bush Raised $100 Million, But Now He's Mad About Citizens United

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Scott Eisen via Getty Images

Almost All The Top Officials In This Texas Town Were Arrested For Corruption

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fergregory via Getty Images

Donald Trump Says He'd Tell Refugee Children 'You Can't Come Here'

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Spencer Platt via Getty Images

PLUTOCRACY: 100 Megadonors Have Given More Than 2 Million Small Donors

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sweetok via Getty Images


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Cindy Crawford: Richard Gere Is Like 'A Stranger' To Me

Ron Galella via Getty Images

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Internet Flips Over College Gymnast's Almost Perfect Routine

Sophina Dejesus

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What Your Favorite Girl Scout Cookie Flavor Says About You

Mysterious North Korean Satellite Passed Over Super Bowl Stadium

Nkorea Satellite
buzz 60

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Angelina Jolie Adds 3 Massive Tattoos To Her Back

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Albert L. Ortega via Getty Images

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Gwyneth Paltrow Testifies Against Man Accused Of Stalking Her For 17 Years

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Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

J.K. Rowling Helps Depressed Fan Face Her 'Dementors'

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Train Station's Top Cat Earns Mouse-Catching Promotion


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WATCH: Adventurous Panda Cub Needs Mom's Help Getting Down

Smithsonian National Zoo
Smithsonian National Zoo

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Even Black Kids In Kindergarten May Face Racial Bias

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Credit: Roberto Westbrook/Getty Images

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The 10 Most Romantic Cities In America Might Surprise You

Highway Industry Iron Road Steel
Walter Bibikow via Getty Images

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Ryan Reynolds' Nude Fight Scene In 'Deadpool' Will Make You Sweat

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David M. Benett via Getty Images

5 Foods That May Help Lower Your Cancer Risk

Lumina Images via Getty Images

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The Party Goes On In Brazil's Carnival Despite Zika Fears And Economic Woes

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SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Men Did Most Of The Talking In Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl Commercial

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500MPH Ping Pong Ball Destroys Diet Coke Can


Gigi Hadid Wears 'Mostly Chanel No. 5' For Nude Vogue Paris Cover

Gigi Hadid

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'The Trumpening' Is Scarier Than Any Horror Film You've Ever Seen


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Brilliant Human Creates 'Star Wars' 'Making A Murderer' Parody Poster

Star Wars Family
Reddit / beatonthebratwurst

PSA For Super Bowl Advertisers: Animal Commercials Should Be Cute Not Creepy

Creepy Animal Super Bowl Ads Puppy Monkey Baby
Mountain Dew

Wild Leopard Enters School And Attacks 6 People

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STR/AFP/Getty Images

After A 6-Year Hiatus, Legendary Hawaii Surf Contest Is Back

Getty Images via Getty Images

What Soda Commercials Would Look Like If They Told The Truth

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Dunca Daniel via Getty Images

Hugh Jackman Reveals He Was Treated For Skin Cancer Again

Hugh Jackman

The French Erotic Films You Should Watch This Valentine's Day

Belle De Jour
Image courtesy of Plaza Production International

19 Totally Laughable Things Couples Have Actually Fought About

Couple Fighting
SuperStock via Getty Images

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That Time Peyton Manning Was A Bad Sport And Barely Anyone Cared

Jed Jacobsohn via Getty Images

5 Signs That You Are Doing Retirement All Wrong


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How To Stop Facebook From Draining Your Phone's Battery

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Bloomberg via Getty Images