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May 6, 2016

Donald Trump and the Republican Pantomime of 2016

The same Republican leaders who mined birtherism, xenophobia, and racist dog whistles for political gold, and who failed to stop the Trump clown car when they had the chance, are now gearing up to pantomime a unified party. Reliable number crunchers have already compiled masses of data showing that Trump is toxic with women voters, Latinos, evangelicals, immigrants, Muslims and other religious minorities, and young people. Add this level of voter estrangement to the rancor the GOP establishment has already shown toward Trump, ranging from grudging acceptance to outright opposition, and there emerges an anti-Trump pincer movement with crucial blocs of voters rejecting him from below, while big Republican donors and party insiders rebuff him from above.


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Orlando Sentinel via Getty Images

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Ex-SCOTUS Justice Tells Senate To Get Moving On Merrick Garland

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Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

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BOMBSHELL: Penn State Knew About Sandusky Sex Abuse As Early As 1976

Pat Little / Reuters

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Adelson Signs On With Trump

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Steve Mack via Getty Images

Staggering Footage Captures 'Catastrophic' Wildfire In Alberta

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Handout . / Reuters

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Anti-Trump Republicans Ramp Up Search As Desperation Takes Hold

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Gary Cameron / Reuters

Obama Commutes Sentences Of 58 Non-Violent Drug Convicts

White House

Many Were Serving Life Sentences

Emboldened Donald Trump Tells West Virginia Not To Vote

Athena Image

Senators Disagree With Trump, But Will Support 'The Nominee'

Michael Dalder / Reuters

Reid Vows Dems Will Make Trump A 'Debacle' For GOP

Us Capitol Senate Subway 114th Congress Senate Policy Luncheons Ohio Clock Corridor Charles Schumer Patty Murray Richard Durbin Harry Reid
Tom Williams via Getty Images

Perry Backs Man He Once Called 'Cancer' Of Conservatism

Rick Perry

CIA Chief Who Oversaw Bin Laden Raid Convinced He Was Poisoned By ISI

09 Closeup Color Photo Color_ Liste Video Photo Couleur Photo Tv Screen Phototv Portrait Saoudien Saudi Saudi Arabian Video Video Video Clip
8393 via Getty Images

Key Congressman Unsure About Sharing Classified Info With Reality Star

Candidate Gop Immigration Mexico Right Wall Wealth
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

REPORTS: Prince Had Percocet In His System

Athena Image
Michael Tran via Getty Images

The Real Reason Cruz And Kasich Dropped Out

Athena Image
Jim Young / Reuters

The GOP Would Probably Have A Better Chance Of Winning Without Trump

Vote Horizontal Election
JEWEL SAMAD via Getty Images

Florida Death Penalty Goes On Trial With Hundreds Of Lives In The Balance

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Donald Trump Is Already Surrounding Himself With Fervent Homophobes

Donald Trump
Spencer Platt via Getty Images

'Grim Sleeper' Killer Found Guilty In Deaths Of 10 Women

POOL New / Reuters

Monica Abbott Scores Biggest Deal In The History Of U.S. Women's Sports

Athena Image
Mark Dadswell via Getty Images

FBI: Michigan Man Sprayed Poison On Open Food At Grocery Stores

Kyle Andrew Bessemer Michigan Grocery Poison

David Cameron: 'Stupid' Donald Trump Deserves Respect

David Cameron
Hannah Mckay / Reuters

Trump: Supreme Court Picks Like Scalia Will Be Here By July

Carlos Barria / Reuters

How The NRA Is Making Bank Off Of Urban Gun Violence

Chicago South Side Trayvon Martin
Jonathan Gibby via Getty Images

Huma Abedin, Other Clinton Aides Questioned By FBI In Email Probe

POOL New / Reuters

Kim Jong-Un Set To Make His Biggest Power Move Yet

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Zimbabwe Is Selling Its Wildlife To Combat Crippling Drought

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Philimon Bulawayo/Reuters

Sheldon Adelson's Paper Threatens To Fire Staff Over 'Company Loyalty'

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Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Sanders Foot Soldiers Weigh Their Next Battle

Bernie Sanders
John Sommers II via Getty Images

Reid: 'It Hasn't Sunk In' That Trump Is The Presumptive GOP Nominee

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Trump's New Finance Guru: Once A Clinton Donor, Soros Employee

Steven Mnuchin
Fred Prouser / Reuters

How An Accused SF Cop’s Rape Case Blew The Lid On A Racism Scandal

Athena Image

1 Adult Shot Dead, Another Injured at Maryland High School

High Point High School
Google Maps

The Next Solar Wave Is Upon Us

Rick Wilking / Reuters

A Hospital Ordered This Doctor Be Silent On Abortions. She Refused.


Turkey's Prime Minister Is Stepping Down. Here's Why That's Alarming.

Pol Dip
Umit Bektas / Reuters

FCC Approves Time Warner And Charter Mega-Merger

Mike Segar / Reuters

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Beating Of Black Iowa Student Investigated As A Hate Crime

Black Student University Of Iowa
ABC7 Chicago

TSA Investigated For Alleged Racial ‘Profiling’

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Trump's Latest Abortion Comments Will Make Your Head Spin

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Lucas Jackson / Reuters


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Donald Trump's Taco Bowl Picture Hilariously Backfires

Donald Trump Taco Bowl
Donald Trump

Your Jaw Will Drop Watching This Kid Score A 'Scorpion' Goal


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Man Files Restraining Order Against God

God Restraining Order Sistine Chapel
Getty Images/Huffington Post Illustration

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Jamie Lee Curtis: I Was Toxic, Too

Prince 198 Musician
John Leyba via Getty Images

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Story Of A 93-Year-Old And 2 Lawn Mowers Will Melt Your Heart

93 Year Old Lawn Mowers
Rodney Smith Jr.

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How Coach K Started One Of The Military's Most Important Bromances

U.S. Army Photo

WATCH: Teacher Of The Year's Priceless Response To Obama's Remarks

Athena Image

Seth Rogen: ‘Superbad’ Jokes Were ‘Bordering On Blatantly Homophobic'

Athena Image
Rich Fury/Invision/AP

A Magical Night At Sea With The Fishermen Of Gaza

Jehad Seftawi/Institute for Middle East Understanding

No, This Isn't A CGI Stunt. It's A Real Jellyfish.


You're Probably Celebrating Cinco De Mayo All Wrong

Cinco De Mayo
The Huffington Post

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The Awesome Way JetBlue Helped Anxious Moms Flying With Their Babies


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The Ideal Penis Size In 10 Countries

2 Adult Couples Expression Facial Female Females Fun Male Males Man Men People Playful Portrait Smile Vintage Wink Woman Women Monochrome Retro
George Marks via Getty Images

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Juliana Hatfield Pens Moving Essay About Note From Kurt Cobain

Athena Image
Jeff Hahne via Getty Images

WATCH: Eric Stonestreet Discusses Cancer Awareness

Athena Image
Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Brian McKnight On The Lessons Artists Can Learn From Prince And Beyoncé

Brian Mcknight

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Artist Honors Black Mothers Who Lost Their Sons To Police Brutality

Hawa Bah
Hawa Bah

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A Muslim Boxer Just Took A Real Solid Swipe At Trump

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#ActionMovieCampaignSlogan Dials This Election Cycle Up To 11

Comedy Hashtag Game

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After Losing His Son, Father Speaks Out About Drowsy Driving

Drowsy Driving Kersten Hirsch
Kersten Hirsch

50 Cent Donates $100,000 To Autism Speaks After Mocking Teen

Athena Image
Desiree Navarro via Getty Images

'Magic Mike Live' Is Headed To Las Vegas

Athena Image

Drowsy Driver Crashes Into School Bus, Snarling Boston Traffic For Hours

Athena Image
DAJ via Getty Images

5 Ways To Help Moms In Need This Mother's Day

Athena Image
Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

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The More You Comment Online, The Dumber Your Comments Become

Robert Galbraith / Reuters

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The South American City I Couldn't Help But Fall In Love With

Retire To South America
Kathleen Peddicord

Jessica Lange And Susan Sarandon Will 'Feud' As Joan Crawford And Bette Davis In New Show


Kerri Walsh Jennings Shuts Down Beach Volleyball Bikini Critics

Sergio Moraes / Reuters

Startup Turns Plastic Collected By Waste Pickers Into 3D Printer Ink

Athena Image

This Hodor Theory Is So Crazy It Actually Makes Sense