09/13/2010 08:50 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Spirit City Toronto': Creatures Found Hiding In The City (PHOTOS)

Did you know that the forgotten corners of Toronto are inhabited by a variety of homeless nature spirits?

My debut book, "Spirit City Toronto," mixes illustration and photography to depict these creatures who, having lost the wild places that were their homes, are now forced to live in the parking lots, street corners and alleys that replaced them. Combining my interests in both mythology and environmental issues and exploring the idea of finding the magical in the mundane, the book transforms familiar scenes of urban desolation into snapshots of otherworldly wonder. These shy, somewhat sad spirits exist on the twilight edge of our own world, ethereal neighbors quietly reminding us that it's not only human beings who call the big city home.

"Spirit City Toronto" is published by Koyama Press , and is available to retailers through the distribution arm of AdHouse Books, Ad Distro.

Spirit City Toronto