11/22/2013 11:03 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2014

Bad Lighting Realizations

Not long ago, I looked at myself in the mirror one evening and thought: "Wow, I don't look fresh." It wasn't as bad as thinking: "Wow I look old," but it still wasn't a great feeling. It might have been the terrible lighting in the hotel bathroom, it might have been related to the fact that I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago, or it might have just been the truth. After speaking with my BFF and colleague Catherine about this, she said she felt exactly the same way, even though she is a few years my junior. With the holiday season ahead, we decided to tweak our respective skin-care routines to find our best face again. Here is what we have been doing -- and, may I say, I think it is working.

  1. I cut my hair -- I took about 8 inches off and got layers. I miss my hair, but everyone says it looks better this way. The choppiness of the layers makes me feel sexy. Catherine got bangs, which look amazing, and make her feel sassy. Apparently, a new haircut changes more than just hair, it changes attitudes.
  2. We both have been drinking more water, which was really hard to do because neither of us are big water drinkers (despite the fact that drinking water was my New Year's resolution two years ago). It's amazing what water can do for the skin.
  3. We have been drinking less alcohol. This isn't the funnest change, but it has been a great way to sleep better, look less sallow, and lose a couple of pounds.
  4. We have been sleeping more.
  5. We both got facials with a light brightening peel and extractions. Being in the beauty industry, we preach the value of regular facials.
  6. I got a massage -- as in a two-hour massage. I felt like this rid my body of all of its toxins and stress.
  7. Catherine got the sun damage on her hands removed with laser technology. As my father, Dr. Luigi L. Polla always says: "Hands are a woman's second face."
  8. We both bought new, bright red lipstick. I am trying the Chanel gloss in Alexandrite. Catherine is currently wearing Lancome red.
We look as fresh as ever, and we are ready to take on the holiday season.