10/20/2011 01:26 pm ET | Updated Dec 20, 2011

Reverb and NACPA Team Up to Help Concert Promoters Green Events

If you've ever stuck around after a rock concert ends, you've probably noticed that once the house lights come on, it ain't such a pretty sight: plastic beer cups, nacho containers, napkins and wrappers are strewn about the floor from fans using the venue like a giant garbage heap. Waste is just one of the more visually obvious impacts rock concerts have on the environment; Reverb and NACPA aim to help promoters to do something about it...

For the past year, Reverb has been hard at work behind the scenes and is proud to announce the release of our report: How To Green Your Concerts Without Breaking the Bank. With support from the North American Concert Promoters Association (NACPA), we've been speaking with various promoters and venue operators across the country to get a "lay of the land" as far as their interests, challenges and abilities to go green. This data combined with all of Reverb's work with major music tours gave us a rich and textured picture of the situation along with many great success stories from the field.

Intended to be a quick start guide for promoters to green their concerts and venues, the report identifies six top areas of impact (each rated on financial cost/benefit and difficulty of implementation) along with simple solutions, specific examples of where those solutions are already in action, and a number of resources to help promoters get started down the path toward environmental sustainability.

To see the report, click HERE.