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Heading "Out of Doors" for Obama

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The progressive online community has added real value over the past few years--bringing progressives together in a common (if virtual) space, holding the mainstream media accountable, channeling money to candidates in a true grassroots fashion, etc.

But there's a limit to what we can do together online, to what we can accomplish using our keyboards to talk to each other.

As my old history professor Lawrence Goodwyn used to say, in order to make real change, we need to go "out of doors"--literally, and figuratively.

I've chosen to work with Progressive Future because I think we need grassroots action to promote progressive values.

This is a long-term war to push back on the right wing. But, obviously, the upcoming battle looms large. Yesterday, Progressive Future endorsed Barack Obama for president. Nobody cares about that. Our words won't help him win (a progressive group endorses the Democrat...shocker).

But, we have a plan of action.

We'll be working to organize progressives, contact undecided voters, and run a volunteer-based 96 hr get-out-the-vote program--all through face-to-face contact.

We'll be in critical battleground states across the country--so if you're game, we can put you to work. You can volunteer in your community, take a few weeks off and parachute into a swing state, or even work for us full time.

So, click on our website to check out your options and sign up. And, post our widget on your blog or website to remind all of our allies of how much work we have ahead of us (the widget compares the polls now to the same week in 2004--when Kerry was ahead and many progressives thought we couldn't lose).

For the first time in decades, we have a path to a progressive future. But it'll take all of us working together to get there. Please join us.