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Thrilla In Wasilla

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Television has the unique capacity to stop us in our tracks and deliver history as it's happening. I'm talking about moments of life-changing astonishment so profound and epochal, you never forget where you were when it happened. The assassination of JFK. Apollo 11 moon walk. O.J.'s Bronco.

And Sarah Palin's backyard bombshell.

Surrounded by family and served up with a heapin' portion of "gee willikers" and "Gosh darn its," it was an inspired stroke of shock and awe, and skillful use of water fowl.

True, there were moments of histrionics and mind-bending incoherence -- Sarah struggles with Narcissistic Maverick Disorder and Sophophobia (fear of learning) -- and who knew she was dipping into her son-in-law's crystal meth? (She tweets and tweaks!)

But mark my words. A long time from now, when you hear the name Sarah Palin, you'll remember just where you were this 3rd of July, when you watched the former point guard drive to the hole, and throw a no-look pass to God.

We are all witnesses. Hell yeah!