10/18/2011 09:53 am ET | Updated Dec 18, 2011

She's the First Tie-dye Cupcake Bake-off!

Do you love baking? Have a passion for volunteering? Want to make universal education a reality? Then check out! She's the First founder and president, Tammy Tibbetts, is organizing a nationwide tie-dye cupcake bake-off to raise money to sponsor girls in countries like India, Nepal, Guatemala, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia and Sudan. Wondering why it's centered around tie-dye cupcakes? Well it all started with one tie-dye cupcake made by Lindsey Brown in her dorm room at Notre Dame. Lindsey and her soccer teammates held a tie-dye cupcake bake sale and raised nearly $1,000 to sponsor girls! Tie-dye cupcakes have been She's the First's signature ever since.

Check out this video I made to help promote the She's the First tie-dye cupcake bake-off, and feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.

I am organizing a tie-dye cupcake bake sale at my school and I will be blogging here about all of my experiences! The purpose of this little post is to just introduce myself and the tie-dye cupcake bake-off. I am so excited to share my experience with you all and I look forward to hearing about your bake sales too!

A few Fridays ago, I went to visit my vice principal and talk to her about She's the First and the bake-off. She told me that she was really interested in the bake-off, so she was going to speak with the principal about it and get back to me. I have yet to hear back from her, so I think I might email her to check in about it. Homecoming at my school is this Friday, so they've been busy planning that, and I'm guessing that's why I haven't heard back from her yet. Fingers crossed that we'll be able to have a bake sale at our school, but if not, I'll definitely find somewhere else to hold one!

So if you're not already on the map, sign up at! And if you are, what are you planning on doing to make your tie-dye cupcake bake sale unique? Where are you holding your bake sale? Are you planning to do anything to promote your bake sale? Tweet me @alannakalixo or sound off in the comments and let's get our creative juices flowing!