03/16/2008 02:24 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Spitzer Hatred and the Importance of McCain's Running Mate

I browsed some of the responses to my last post about Eliot Spitzer.

Thank you to those that expressed understanding of my main point. However, I was sorry to see two things here. One was the vitriol expressed toward Spitzer's work as New York Attorney General, particularly his investigations and prosecutions in the financial services field. I direct your attention to a recent profile of Louis Auchincloss in the New Yorker magazine. Auchincloss hated FDR, as did his Silk Stockings friends. Later in life, Auchincloss grew to appreciate Roosevelt's regard for the integrity of financial markets in this country and reevaluated FDR's creation of the SEC.

So much hatred spewing forth about Spitzer's convictions. There is tremendous corruption on Wall Street. Is America becoming a land where "I stole it fair and square" is becoming the ethical order of the day?

The second thing that no one commented on was my David Paterson admonition. McCain's choice of running mate will be the most crucial since 1960, when millions presumed Kennedy alone was not enough and needed to be bolstered by a Veep with greater experience. The result was an historically close election.

For altogether different reasons, watch McCain's choice. Few men (or maybe, craftily, a woman?) will enter the West Wing with a greater chance of becoming president than this VP. McCain is not what one would consider a healthy man. Inheriting the Bush mess certainly holds no cure.