09/17/2010 02:50 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

As Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Ends, Oscar Takes the Day (PHOTOS, POLL)

Yesterday the tents closed. The fashion folk went home and will move to Paris and Milan, while we ponder how the world's changed. As true fashion has shrunk, the tents themselves have gotten bigger. The pace of it all: frenzied. Frenzied sometimes to the point of artistic suffocation. Some have closed ranks; some have shouted from the rooftops, saying I'm here! Buy me!; some are thriving. But surely, if there's one fact I took away from this week, it's that fashion will move on. I've only seen seven nipples today. So at least, that's ended. I have officially lost my ability to write a ton of interesting things about fashion. I know the best designers show on the final day, but my fashion fatigue is in full force. I can do no true justice to Oscar's stunning collection. You'll have to read my final fashionable post for more insights, after I've rested a touch.

Oscar de la Renta

Oscar took us back to the milkshake parlors of yesteryear, introducing rose petal dresses and flirty ballgowns. Not a single look was anything less than elegant perfection. We were reminded of Ascot and Parisian summers. These girls were chicer than chic in an effortless, romantic way that wowed me. Coco Rocha walked and showed off a gorgeous look. Sarah Jessica Parker was whisked in. Rachel Zoe sat next to her husband and three seats back was Brad. Voluminous evening gowns with a gorgeous twist; alligator belts and tweed tops. But this lush and lavish luxury is for the stunning ladies of Oscar and not for your everyday occasion. Then we were shuttled outside and Rachel Zoe proclaimed, "It's a monsoon."

Oscar De La Renta

Isaac Mizrahi

Johnny Weir was here. There's only one word to describe him, and that's cute. Andy Cohen had iPhone microphones constantly pointed at him, asking him about Bravo. Normally a grand show, Issac Mizrahi pulled back this season. We've had jazz bands and fake snow in the past. Now there's a clean, crisp, white runway. Xerox seems to have been on his mind, and I'm sure he's one of the many designers that's joined the ranks of spending time with their copier to make unique fabric. But I'm not quite sure these looks are for someone that makes Xerox copies for a living -- they're too lush and structural.

Naeem Khan

Taking us back to Miami, I was lucky enough to have spent time with the designer and watch him put together this intricate collection. Using beading and embroidery, he sent out a motorcycle jacket and a feather dress that stopped everyone in their tracks. Flowers sprung from the runway: orchids, tulips, a complete garden.

Naeem Khan

The Blonds

Just as soon as the rain and wind subsided last night, a storm of a different color descended upon Milk Studios. Yes, it was The Blonds runway show - and for those not in the know, that means Gay Royalty in all their camp and circumstance made a lavish appearance. Perched in the center runway row, I was back-to-back with Michael Musto, who air-kissed his way through the crowd as Josephine Baker crooned French cabaret songs over the loudspeaker. Sitting next to Jay Manuel, Alan Cumming flashed me a friendly smile - oh, be still my heart! I wouldn't have been surprised if Liza popped by to say hello. Then, with all the class of the old Moulin Rouge, the show began: girls with feathered fans and fishnets slinked down the aisle to "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" before Phillipe Blond made her grand entrance. The crowd cheered. Following was the most lavish display of chiffon, glitter, and intricate beadwork I have ever seen. Pastel dressing gowns from 1940s movies strutted passed on models with Veronica Lake's hairstyle. Corsets galore -- one of which, constructed entirely of pink pearls, looked like the visual expression of champagne bubbles exploding from the bottle. Perfectly-tailored tuxedo jackets lined in jewel-tone sparkles covered equally-bold lingerie. So this is where Dita von Teese gets those gorgeous ensembles! Of course, with price points in the five-figure range, I'm certainly not the buyer for their show-stopping product -- but oh wait, according to the flyer on my seat, I can order dolls dressed up in this evening's attire! Time to get out my mom's Barbie collection!

The Blonds


Gwen Stefani had a ton of celebrities including her husband Gavin Rossdale (with their children Kingston and Zuma), fellow No Doubt bandmates, and Debbie Harry. She ended the show with her own runway walk to a standing ovation. The accessories, a huge part of her main market, were front and center. Tribal prints against a futuristic backdrop meandered past, with one model taking her role as a Paris Hilton clone far too seriously. Gwen didn't quite get the message that models were supposed to be a little more "real" this time around, and nipple after nipple showed through cardigan vest and pointed back at the cameras.


HuffPoster and famous 'flack' Kelly Cutrone started the show earlier than usual. She's been quite punctual as of late. Fashion time at one of People's shows is now 20 minutes in and not thirty as has been the norm. With Marc Jacobs now being punctual and Kelly starting early, fashion might tick a bit faster shortly. Designer David Delfin has always been one of the futurists, and his point of view is coming into focus. You might wear one of his sharp colored orange or yellow belts -- strident, bouncing off the runway - to a spaceship bar. Or maybe these uniforms will guard Buckingham Palace from the alien hoard and Marvin the Martian. In any case, I like his look - if I could pull off the velvet triangle shirt and walk Astro in a jetpack scooter, I'd buy his line.


Then the fashion trade show ends.