06/21/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Street Style: My Week in Shopping and Charity Events

Some weeks I survive on nothing but cupcakes and Champagne. Bergdorf's hosted shopping events for Carlos Falchi and Simon Spurr, where stylist Derek Warburton asked NYC Real Housewife Ramona Singer (decked out in python) and Kimberley Locke to pop in and smile for the dapper crowd that's trying on the lux bags and perfect clutches. Falchi's daughter Kate hand paints the snakeskin bags, inspired by her time in India. At Eryn Brinie a few days before, I met one of the designers for Tracy Reese.

I finally got to meet Simon Spurr, one of my favorite designers and desperately fought with the bad lighting in menswear to snap a picture of the handsome craftsman. I was dressed sort of frumpy (at least compared to everyone else) and tried not to tongue twist and make a fool out of myself, which is something I'm uniquely skilled at. Bergdorf's might be the best place for a single gal to pick up a well-heeled bloke.

We chatted about where he was going and how he's splitting the line into the more casual Spurr, leaving Simon Spurr, handcrafted suits to the higher-end department stores. He's even in Scoop, and is the number one selling jean at Bergdorf. The salesman said they're the only set they reorder for the season. I tried on a pair and instantly understood the shape and feel, trimmed with pima cotton and made out of raw denim.

Jay Manuel attended the Dress for Success gala at the Grand Hyatt with his agents from Designers Management Agency, Marc Beckman and Sam Sohaili. I snapped the most amazing woman dressed in a Proenza Schouler dress and Vera Wang necklace waiting for a martini at the bar. Her outfit made my week.

Dress for Success helps homeless women find careers, by giving them interview training and two outfits to get a job. They've helped countless women enter the hospitality industry. Kimpton Hotels is a major sponsor and has given some amazingly strong women new careers that have changed their lives. Tommy Hilfiger was there and others in fashion. I had an awesome conversation with someone from the CFDA and was told to shush by the table behind me. I tried to strike up a conversation with Jay, but the harrowing stories of success got in the way, and I felt like my rambunctious voice would disturb the attentive audience. I simply needed to be content with staring aimlessly at his amazing pinstripe suit and perfectly styled pocket-handkerchief

Sadly I needed to leave early to shoot club kids dressed in aluminum and caution tape at a Skrapper party. There's apparently a new event space under the Hudson Hotel that looks like it's an old school east village punk rock den. Style is changing. Something uniquely important is emerging.

Full disclosure: I manage the social media accounts for DMA