Should Kids Sleep in Their Clothes?

05/07/2012 12:45 pm ET | Updated Jul 07, 2012

Often, the name of the game in parenting is "Whatever it Takes." This week on Coffee Shop Confessions, a mom admits that she saves time by putting her kids to bed in their school clothes.

Is it okay for her to do that? Maybe. We don't know what goes on in her house. Did they take a shower first? Are the sheets clean? Do they brush their hair and teeth in the morning? We don't know any of this.

I know at my house, it would be a problem. I have boys, and dirt is their best friend. We wouldn't send them anywhere in public if they hadn't just been cleaned. Or something like that. But is there a double standard? It's 100% true that if anything is ever off with a child such as messy hair, untrimmed fingernails, a stain on a shirt, or mismatched clothes, people judge you faster than the crowd on Jerry Springer.

Maybe the answer is do whatever it takes, but just don't tell people. But then again, after four years in reality TV... what do I know? What do you think??