11/21/2011 04:33 pm ET | Updated Jan 21, 2012

It's Thanksgiving! Let's Toast to the "Ghost Roast"

This is the month of being thankful and forgiving right? However; my mind's thought here is that this is the way it should be each and every month.

Human history in the Paranormal Field spans across many layers covering topics shaping the progressive unraveling of mysteries solved and un-solved, containing elements discussed on Electricity, Magnetism, Apparitions, Premonitions, Mediums, Witches, Warlocks, Demonic Entities, Possessions, ET's, Quantum Theories and so forth. I'd like to add a new breed of 'Paranormal Shaping' which I like to call 'The Para-Envies' as it seems there are many out there misconstruing the field itself and spew from within a ton of garbage. Please keep that in your cans with the lids on tight and put out on Friday for pick-up.

Are the forces that pull us together as a human race time and time again throughout mankind the same forces that intermingle with the dead continuing on unearthly communications? Maybe there is a super force at work in-between which I like to think of as layers and in theory, this super force drove the big bang, that created the heavens and the earth. The same super force that drives the sun and makes all the wondrous technologies of this blessed earth possible. Are we dwarfed by science itself or have we yet to unravel the supreme and ultimate piece of equipment that will be the tell all and be all of all our existences? Have we already found it and it is called an EMF Reader? I think not! It must be The Ghost Roast! It smells good. It's alluring and has magical powers to where a human's mouth creates large amounts of saliva turning one into Cujo. It is amazing to watch such said phenomena. My Ghost Roast is made of Soy and Tofu and will go down like the Titanic. My belly will grumble happily for which many may turn, look in utter surprise as they may think there is a Demon amongst us. I'll turn to go look for the Tums.

We exist and coexist in this life as life also exists all around us whether we can visually witness it or not. If we are only able to witness up to three-thousand stars on a clear night's evening when knowingly there are billions of stars and galaxies surrounding those stars, then what can we possibly really know who or what else is out there also surrounding us like the dead? Here lies within a huge gap and continuing issue on many topics including the one of ghosts being real. The wondrous gift bestowed upon us when man was created was the ability of sight and intuitiveness. Now, many come and go in this world and never use this gift and frankly are missing out. Many embrace this gift and go on in their lives utilizing it in magnificent capacities doing well by others. Then, there are some in-between who have yet to discover this gift and will do so along their own path in life. They need a good Ghost Roast to refocus!

The golden rule that we have lost somewhere along the para-yellow brick road is our human nature, which allows us to be tools ourselves. We are also made up of energy, electrical pulses and can radiate incredible light from within our souls. The more troubled our souls perhaps the harder it is for that light to shine through. The question for me is not whether or not do ghosts really exist as it is more the question of what do we experience when we cross and/or become stuck and do we feel anything?

This world will always be filled with those who believe and those who do not and we must give respect to all sides involved. This is not a paranormal pissing match of who knows the most and has the TV Shows but rather who you are on an individual basis and are you a good soul? This all ties into the field of the paranormal in the arena of spirituality and the better you are as a person, the more positives you will attract in your lifetime and the better your Ghost Roast shall taste!

There will never be enough evidence whether we are using equipment or ourselves to try and convince the hardest of hard skeptics so why sweat it? Those who have been here decades long past and those here now will continue on to our future in this field who know, are the ones who will be affected. If we learn and grasp the understanding of what life really is all about and all its inner workings visually appearing to the naked eye; or invisibly appearing to ones soul will indeed enhance human life. All field seekers who are evolving with the past and current times into the future are doing so with good reason for it's true purpose and cause and effect.

I make no 'bones' about utilizing each and every moment in your life. Stop to see the ghost once in a while and when you do, please say "Hi, how are ya and what's your name?" Hey, I can think of worse things than putting down others for the sake of well... just putting them down so one can feel superior and the need to prove something. If there is nothing then there is nothing, but when one comes across that something it is another notch on humanity's belt of life and thus furthering our own existence and showing how small we really are, on the scale of all living things visible and invisible. Remember this November, say cheers to your Ghost Roast and be thankful for what you have and then go on with your daily routine. May this holiday season be a light in your life and bring you peace and health first and foremost. Remember those less fortunate than you human and non-human, lend a hand and donate whatever you can time, food, apparel, a hug or a kind word.