03/18/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Boss America: Creating a Million New Jobs

While some of the best and brightest CEOs, small business owners, and financial experts are attending a Forum on Jobs and Economic Growth at the White House, the folks who can really jump start the economy are not at the table.

They're the micro entrepreneurs, and those who have lost their jobs, who are disconnecting from the corporate model of civilization. Instead, they are following their passion into the marketplace. Boss America is a term for what happens when the corporate model is turned on its head and everyone at the bottom of the pyramid then takes charge of their own lives and livelihood.

Welcome to the age of Self-Reliance. Right now, as the world economy changes at lightning speed, new opportunities are opening up and they're going to those who have both a passion to express and skills to share.

Right now, the micro entrepreneur needs our nation's support. Why? It is well know that in the past, the U.S. has been a nation of consumers, of spenders, of people both blessed and spoiled. We have never had to look over our shoulder because we are always looking outward, westward, eastward, or skyward, toward the next frontier to conquer.

By contrast, the Western Nations of Europe have made different choices. They endured two World Wars. Many of the older generation of Europeans survived long days in bomb shelters and emerged from them to find their entire family and livelihood smashed into dust. They had to rebuild everything because everything they valued was either lost, broken, or destroyed.

The World Wars in Europe affected everyone at the same time. Everyone was displaced. What Europeans gained from this hardship were the traits of the new emerging economy: self-reliance, self-responsibility, and self-care.

They learned how to do without; and how to use and reuse wisely. They also learned about community. They learned how to help each other and how to share everything. At a time of breakdown, they leaned that good health and family came first. Everything else was second, third, or off the list.

They learned how to take one step and one task at a time, and complete it. They learned how to make each step lead them forward. In the process, they created systems of universal health care, and free vocational and academic education for all.

More recently Europeans have led the way in supporting green industries and solar infrastructure. They know that nations will go to war for scarce resources like oil. They are finished with war. In the absence of war, the creative energy of all individuals can be unleashed.

In seeking to put unemployed Americans back to work, President Obama needs start first with the micro entrepreneur. Economic stimulus money should be given to the millions of Americans who have the skills, passion and desire to serve the needs of others.

In one day, THIS day, Obama can put a million people back to work by offering microloans with generous payback terms. Economic recovery starts first with the individual. The surplus moves into the local community, to Main Street, and to those among us most in need.